4 Powerful Android App Development Tools to Utilize in 2020

Android app development industry is growing day by day with the innovations in technology. Android is an open-source platform that offers countless opportunities to developers due to its versatility. In the old era, the only option was to code for an application from scratch for different platforms. Now advancements have been made in mobile application development, and now developers can code mobile apps much efficiently. Businesses are now digitized; therefore, mobile applications are in high demand these days.

Millions of users use android apps all around the world; hence, it is crucial to utilize powerful android tools in the app development stage. The following are the four powerful android app development tools used by specialist Android developers worldwide.

1. Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for android mobile application development. It is the number one choice for the majority of the android app developers. From basic application’s developments to complex ones, the android studio has always proved to be the best. It contains all that you have to assemble an android application. Android studio makes the development process faster and helps you build quality applications for android phones. It has a full scope of highlights, for example, APK analyzer, visual layout, smart code editor, flexible build system, fast simulator, and a real-time analyzer. It offers additional tools too and also comes bundled with Android SDK.

2. Visual Studio with Xamarin

Xamarin is the best free IDE for mobile application development, launched in 2011 by Microsoft. It has become one of the most popular IDE for iOS, Android, and Windows. Microsoft ensures against In Xamarin there are much more than just build-in services, it also includes tools to manage teams and driftnet version services. Visual Studio comes with languages C#, JavaScript, VB.net, and provides cloud services allowing the teams to test the code on different devices. It is easier to code in Xamarian using its platform-specific IntelliSense. It can create high-performance shared libraries. Xamarin features include push notifications, social authentication, and offline sync.

3. Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a well-known game IDE and a popular cross-platform game development tool released in 2005. It is probably the best option for beginners to the advanced level game developer. Unity comes with a variety of features and is easy to learn. App development services are used to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional games by Unity 3D. It is possible to develop games using Android Studio, but using Unity for game development can save much time and effort as compared to other IDEs. It can also be used to create virtual reality apps like Daydream or Cardboard, but it is specially designed for 2D games. 

4. Unreal Engine

Unreal is a game-development engine developed in 1998 by Epic Games and is an alternative option for Unity. It is also a cross-platform and fully featured game development tool. Unreal is an open-source game development tool and offers support to Android. It is also a popular tool after Unity, widely used for game development for android devices. There are no restrictions, and many types of games are available in Unreal. It is not too hard to use Unreal and offers unrivaled graphics and in-depth functionalities. It supports all kinds of operating systems that are common such as windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, and PlayStation.


Innovation in technology has emerged to new heights requiring everything to be digitalized. Mobile applications are being used more than desktop applications as these are easy to use at any time and at anywhere. Every business is now into developing mobile applications, from online delivery services to games, entertainment, and e-commerce industry, apps are available for almost everything. Due to its high demand, many tools are launched for the development of android mobile applications. The best android app development tools are Android Studio, Visual Studio, unity 3d, unreal engine. All these tools have different functionalities and a large number of features that make them the best android development tools.

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