5 Best Make Up for Indian Night

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Indian cuisine is fantastic, but when you’re eating Indian food every day, it can get a little bit boring. If you would like to undertake one thing new however still want to remain in your temperature, here area unit a number of the most effective Indian fusion foods that you just have to be compelled to strive a minimum of once. Say something about makeup.

1. Chili Potatoes/Masala Fries

French fries are the holy grail for your typical picky eater. So if you have trouble finding something in the menu that you’re comfortable with, go for the chili potatoes. Chili potatoes square measure primarily fries with ancient Indian spices that provide it a well-recognized style, creating it the right alternative for those who wish to explore among their temperature.

Don’t want to try the chili potatoes at the restaurant? You can make some at home by deep-frying potatoes and adding your favorite spices like chili powder and cumin powder.

2. Japanese-Indian Chicken Curry

Indians have a lot of love for Japanese culture, especially the food. If you want to get authentic Japanese, there’s no need to slap on your blind effect eye makeup and cosplay your favorite anime character just to get in the zone. You can enjoy a fusion of Japanese and Indian cooking right in one dish!

India and Japan have their versions of curry. But for the Japanese-Indian fusion chicken curry, the best components of each version are combined into one unique dish. For this type of curry, you will taste familiar spices such as cardamom, curry powder, and paprika, but you’ll also get to eat more sweetness that is inherent to Japanese-style curry.

3. Paneer Tacos

Here’s an entry from our Tex-Mex category. Paneer tacos are one of the best hangover foods that you must have after a long night of drinking desi daru. Aside from the original Mexican ingredients of tortillas, onions, tomatoes, Indian-style tacos also have paneer cubes, coriander, garam masala powder, capsicum, and sometimes even pineapples for garnishing.

4. Tandoori Chicken Sushi

If you’re feeling a bit a lot of adventurous, strive to roll your classic tandoori chicken into a dish roll. Not only do you get an easy-to-eat snack, but you’ll also be making your meal a little unique with the Japanese flair.

Tandoori chicken sushi is pretty easy to make. Just roll the tandoori chicken, cucumber, cream cheese, fried onions, and tamarind chutney into seasoned sushi rice with seaweed sheets–a dish that will impress your dinner guests.

5. Cheesy Kachoris

Kachoris create excellent appetizers for around any occasion. If you wish to administer these tasty morsels, a somewhat strange twist, attempt stuffing them with paneer, cheddar, and a few chili slices to apply it a touch kick, if you thought that original kachoris were irresistible, effort serving sleazy versions to your guests–they wouldn’t be able to resist consumption quite one.

6. Paneer Lasagna

Try going the Italian route with this delicious yet guilt-free recipe. Paneer lasagna is an excellent fusion of Italian and Indian tastes, combining pasta, roasted vegetables, traditional Indian spices, and of course, paneer.

Since this dish is made primarily out of vegetables, you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a second serving. It’s also a great meal to serve during parties and special occasions so that everyone, including vegetarians, can enjoy a fusion meal.

7. Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta

Here is another Italian-inspired fusion food, but this time, it’s an appetizer. Tandoori chicken bruschetta, as the name suggests, is a dish made up of slices of olive oil-brushed baguette topped with tandoori chicken chunks and tomatoes. It’s a classic type of appetizer that even picky eaters will enjoy. Hence, if you’re a picky eater yourself or want to serve a party dish that everyone will enjoy, tandoori chicken bruschetta is your best bet.

8. Hakka Noodles

India’s neighbors have noodles as a significant part of their cuisine. The recipe for Hakka noodles is a great way to blend Japanese or Chinese cooking with Indian touches. Thus, if you see this dish on the menu, definitely give it a try.

On the other hand, if you want to try making Hakka noodles yourself, the ingredient list is pretty simple. You just need Hakka noodles, your choice of vegetables (usually carrots, french beans, chilies, etc.), rice wine, soy sauce, and other spices of your choice. 

9. Naan Pizza

What do you get when you combine naan bread and pizza? Naanza, of course! India has been seeing a lot of popularity for naanza these days, so if you haven’t tried this dish yet, you’re missing out.

There are a lot of versions of naanza you can choose from. But basically, it’s naan with a mix of Indian and Italian or American toppings baked together to make a sinfully delicious fusion. Sounds good? Head to the nearest fusion restaurant. You can find and order a tandoori or paneer naanza today!

10. Chili Chicken

It’s no secret that Indian cuisine consists of heavily spiced foods. We Indians enjoy a delicious spice, so of course, a fusion dish of chili chicken wings makes sense. A blend of Indo-Chinese chicken gets an Indian kick with Kecap Manis, Kashmiri chili, and various other spices.

If you happen to order this dish at the restaurant or make it at home, be prepared to set your mouth on fire–but isn’t that part of the fun?


Try these cuisines, of course, in an Indian restaurant. Speaking of restos, going to restos can be just on ordinary days for some and special occasions for many. Be it regular or individual, we should make it a point to be dressed appropriately, and some even have a makeover to complete the experience — some wearing colorful contact lenses to match up with the outfit and makeup makeover. But be careful wearing extreme makeup and contact lenses like, for example, the blind effect make up. You sure wouldn’t want to make other customers uncomfortable, would you?

Back to our main topic, Indian culinary art includes a heap to supply. However, it wouldn’t hurt to undertake one thing new once in an exceedingly whereas. If you wish to be a touch a lot of swaggering together with your tastes, these fusion foods are the primary ones you ought to strive for. the prime time is usually the most effective expertise to possess.

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