6 beaches in Singapore to get the much-needed relaxation

Everyone loves beaches. Pristine waters, golden sands, the comforting canopies from trees, whether you’re with family, with friends, or with a loved one, beaches are a fantastic choice when deciding to go out. If you have some spare time in Singapore, why not visit the numerous beaches Singapore has to offer? There are so many options for going to a beach in Singapore, whether you’re looking for some down-time with your family, take a peaceful walk, want to party all night long, or you want to explore strange, Singapore’s beaches have it all for you. Here is a list that should give you an idea of which beaches to hit on your Singapore trip. 

Tanjong beach

This human-made beauty tucked out of sight just off the south coast of Sentosa, lies Tanjong beach. It is the party spot to be in Singapore, thanks to the Tanjong beach club, which organizes legendary beach parties every fortnight. The warm waters, white sand, and tropical palm trees accentuate the party vibe. So put on your fedora, grab a drink and let loose. 

Changi Beach

Arguably one of the best beaches in Singapore, Changi beach is famous amongst locals. You can find people going about for a jog, or just chilling out at the beach, as you would typically do. But the reason why it’s so popular is because of its proximity to Changi airport; you can watch planes landing into the airport, at an intimate level. Popularly known as plane spotting, people also chill out at this beach for a walk on the walking trails of Changi Beach. 

Punggol Beach 

Punggol Beach is the perfect beach for a person who loves a lovely quiet evening. Relatively unexplored, Punggol Beach is hidden off in Punggol Point. This beach is riddled with stones adding to the charm of the beach. Surprisingly it is well connected, thanks to the local MRT system so that you can get there without any hassles. 

Pasir Ris Beach

This beach is perfect for a family looking to take their kids out. This Pasir Ris beach is adorned with parks & playgrounds even with PlayStations to keep your kid occupied. This beach is amongst the most extensive beaches in Singapore standing at a whopping 6 kilometers long. Enjoy a nice picnic with your family and enjoy the picturesque sunset. 

Palawan Beach

Another famous beach in Singapore, fully adorned with a medieval-looking suspension bridge that adjoins a small island. You can also take a short swim up to the island. This beach is everything you look for in paradise. A picturesque setting, comfortability, and Alcohol. Yup, this beach has a bunch of bars, all looking to keep you busy until dawn. 

St. John’s Island 

St John’s Island is one of Singapore’s most popular islands, made accessible through a ferry from the world trade center. This beach is ideal for those trying to find a tranquil swim. With multiple changing rooms and lockers, shops and restaurants. This island is also like a mini-resort, in the sense that you can rent a bungalow for the night and jump to the beach whenever you feel like it. How convenient!

Now that you have a way of the beaches to seem out for when you’re in Singapore reach out to pick your trail if you’re looking for a customized Singapore tour package to explore the best of what Singapore has to offer. What are you waiting for? Start Packing now! 

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