6 important factors involved in developing an app

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Apps like Uber are being used by almost all entrepreneurs who want to launch their on-demand business. After the success of on-demand giants such as Uber, Ola, UberEats, etc., many business persons set their eyes on the on-demand business. It is a business that will reach the people fast and help the entrepreneurs obtain good profit. Who knows? The on-demand business may even turn into a million-dollar business when marketed strategically and with the right Uber clone app. 

An uber clone app will cost less than an app built from scratch and will take comparatively less time to develop. The resources required to develop the clone app is also less. Another factor is that the clone apps can be customized and updated easily when needed. Future enhancements can also be done effortlessly. 

  • Uber-like apps for all industries:

Apps like Uber can be built for any on-demand business such as food delivery, home services, and more. Based on the Uber model, a clone app can be developed by business needs. Many companies in the market are providing clone apps at cost-friendly rates. You can go to a company that offers the best apps and technical support after the launch of the app. 

  • Vital attributes of a clone app structure:

Simple process:

Make sure the process to place a request in the app is effortless and straightforward. The customer should not spend much time searching for a product or service. Include the essential options on the homepage of the app. 


When developing an app for any on-demand business, there has to be a separate panel for the customer, delivery or service personnel, and the administrator. The options in their respective boards must also differ based on their role. 

Verification of delivery personnel:

The delivery personnel or the service providers should be verified before they join your venture. Include a separate page where they can upload their documents for verification purposes. After approval, they can start providing service. 

Assigning service providers:

The app should have in-built algorithms to assign a relevant service provider to each user who places a request in the app. With the automatic attaching feature, no user will be missed out. 

Discounts and referrals:

Offer the customers good deals and discounts to obtain more customers in a short period. Provide referral codes to the customers so that they bring in new customers. 

In-app payment gateways:

Include safe and secure payment gateways to the app. The customer should find the payment process reliable. If your on-demand uber clone business is put up in a particular region, then include the local payment gateway. The app should not track any banking information of the customers. 

Feedback and ratings:

After the service is availed or the product is delivered, the customer and the service provider can rate each other. The customers can be calculated based on their attitude, timely payment, and more. Whereas the service provider can be given ratings based on their behaviour, delivery time, handling of queries, etc. Feedback or suggestions can also be specified in the respective area. 

  • Technology stack employed in the uber clone app:

Each function available in the app works efficiently due to the technology stack included in the app. The framework used for each function is specified below. 

To find the location:

CoreLocation Framework and Google Location Service are used in iOS and Android devices, respectively. Once the location is detected, the customer has to enter the door number alone, and the order will reach them within the specified time. 

Directions to reach the destination:

The guidelines provided to the delivery personnel or the service provider is done with the help of MapKit and Google Maps Android API.

Map integration:

Both in iOS and Android devices, Google Maps are used. 

Payment gateways:

Secure payment gateways such as Braintree, Stripe Paypal’s SDK Apple, and Google wallet, etc., are added. This will help the customer pay in a single tap, and their banking details will be safe. 

App management and notifications:

The notification sent to the customers and other app features use frameworks and tools like Apple Push Notifications Service (APN) Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, Sinch, Firebase Cloud Messaging, and more. 

All these robust frameworks form an excellent foundation for building an efficient uber clone app. Additional tools can be used based on the features to be included in the app. 

  • How to decide on the pricing for the service provided:

Based on a few aspects, the price for a service or delivery can be fixed. 

Have a fixed base price:

The base price should be constant at all times. For instance, Ola has a base price of Rs.29. No matter the distance, the base price is the same. Further costs can increase based on parameters such as distance, traffic, etc. 

Delivery or booking fee:

This fee is charged towards safety and other operational costs. 

Surge pricing:

Surge prices are employed when the demand for the service in a particular area is high. Prices shoot up for a while, and once the order is reduced, the prices will go back to normal. 

  • Cost of developing an app like Uber:

There are a few aspects related to the cost of the app. The base cost of the app depends on the number of features added to the app. Apart from that, front and backend development, web portal development, and native app development costs will be included. The app should be developed for Android and iOS platforms. The cost of maintenance and technical support will also be covered under the package cost. 


These factors will help any entrepreneur build an efficient and optimized clone app for any on-demand service. All they have to do is to spot the right app development company and define their needs clearly. UberEatsLikeApp is an app development firm that develops clone apps for multiple platforms at budget-friendly rates. Contact them via mail to build an Uber Clone app today.

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