6 Inspiring and Motivational Bollywood Movies for Students

Cinema can sometimes create a massive impact on our minds and be a motivation for all of us. This mine blog is for all those movie lovers or says the Bollywood buffs who love binge-watching. For all the students out there, you should surely keep reading these blogs for getting in acquaintance with some very famous motivational movies for students

So boys and girls, check out this list of exciting and motivating Bollywood movies for the students. If you need a little bit of boost up in the coming days, then these will be the perfect one for you.


This movie is tagged as a sports-drama, which has showcased the problems faced by the poor villagers who were forced to pay huge taxes in British India. To get themselves out of this, the villagers are partnering for a cricket match against the British. It shows how all these villagers prepare and train themselves to win. It is one of the best movies for the student.

Manjhi – The mountain man

Manjhi tops the motivational movies listand it is another highest-rated Bollywood film that is released in 2015. This movie is genuinely based on the story of a real-life person named Dasharath Manjhi, who is also known as the ‘Mountain Man.’ It has collected worldwide applauds for portraying the narrative of a poor laborer from Bihar. He carves a 360-feet long path, which is of width 30 feet through the tunnel. It is done with a hammer and chisel. This person showed how a single person could do it all if he/she has consistency.

Chillar Party

This movie is all perfect for the dog lovers, and they will, for sure, enjoy this comic movie. The kids in the film have an aim, which is to save the life of a street dog. The authorities of the colony they live in were very adamant about killing the dog, but the kids make sure that the dog is saved in any possible way. All the students can watch the movie and learn why it is essential to be passionate about certain things. This film will also motivate them to take a stand for a common goal by uniting.


Udaan is a Hindi film made in 2010. It is the story of a boy who is in his teenage. The movie depicts the relationship of the boy with his rude father. Through this movie, the director focuses on how parents should let their kids decide for themselves in life. 

 Rocket Singh

This movie is perfect for students who strive to make their mark in the sales industry. One can learn a lot from this comedy-drama movie, which released in 2009. This film’s primary role is shown as an average kid who leads a disciplined life and works ethically. After being placed as a salesman, he realizes that there is fierce competition in the market. He also sees the power of politics, which is played by some bigwigs of the company. Through this movie, students can know that even after odds, one should never lose their honesty and hard work.

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This story is of a deaf and dumb boy named Iqbal, who is a farmer’s son. He is very passionate about cricket. The movie portrays the young hero Iqbal as a young boy with a lot of passion and confidence. It is added to the list of write for us more about motivational movies due to the amount of trust this boy had and how he worked to fulfill his dreams.

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