6 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Clothes for Your Figure

Are you surprised by how those jeans look great on your friends but a little unflattering on you? Well, maybe you guys have different body figures. Perhaps you’re a full rounded while they’re an hourglass. In case you’re not getting what I mean here, girls’ bodies can be classified in four different shapes: triangle represents a smaller upper body as compared to the lower half; round for rounded bodies all over with petite arms and legs; an hourglass that resembles a total Kim Kardashian’s shape; and rectangle for a balanced and straight, athletic physique that lacks curves. 

While everyone is free to wear whatever they want, some rules are still applied not to judge us or what but to guide us when it comes to choosing the best clothes for our body types. The goal is not only to dress for the body we have in the best way possible but also to let our bodies feel more comfortable with the right clothes. The best way to feel confident in your style is to wear something that fits your entire frame. And take note that confidence is the most essential thing to wear. Here are signs that will help you check if you’re wearing the wrong clothes and some tips to improve your style.  

You overhang your belly. 

Holding your breath to keep your belly from overhanging in tight pants is not making any sense at all. I mean, how can you so confident if you’re holding up your breath? The solution? Swallow your pride and let go of the same old trousers you had when your waistline has not yet expanded. 

Your rear slit is gaping.

When you thought your coat looks great on the front, but the rear slit is gaping, your friends were laughing behind your back ‒ literally. That’s a big no, no. You don’t wear blazers with slits that crack when you perch because it looks like you’ve bought a size that’s a way too small for you. The real slit of your coat is gaping since you might have a triangular shape. Instead of purchasing a traditional jacket, women with angular bodies are best suited for long jackets.         

Your body almost disappears. 

In other words, you’re fading from your clothes. Sometimes, you wear loose outfits to hide your guts, but remember that wearing too baggy clothes can also swallow you, especially when you have this rectangular figure. If you’re a fan of loose outfits, it’s time to consult a tailoress and have these clothes made fit for you.    

You look like you’re expecting.

Many of us believe that high-waisted pants would always look great on tall persons, but sometimes, they also make you look like you’re expecting. High-waisted pants can draw everyone’s attention to your torso, especially the tummy. So, it would be better to leave this style to those with rectangular bodies. After all, bootcut jeans can work just fine with all the remaining figures.   

Your buttons burst open.

Nothing else could be more embarrassing than catching your button-up shirt burst open with all these strangers staring at and (also *maybe* judging) you for wearing something that’s about to explode, especially when you’re a woman. Also, people with hourglass bodies may find it hard to look for button-up clothes that fit since they got small waists but broader shoulders. So, opt for stretchy fabrics or streetwear clothing that will embrace your whole figure. 

You pull the skirt down. 

Have you ever experienced running down the hallways while pulling down your stubborn tight skirt? Women with triangular body shapes may find it very uncomfortable to keep those bodycon dresses and skirts stay in place. And if you feel the same way, maybe it’s about time you switch to A-line skirts and avoid constant adjustments with bodycon styles.   

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