7 effective ways to manage work stress

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Stress is your body’s normal psychological reaction to situations, circumstances, and changes in your life. So, it is perfectly okay for you to feel stressed at work whenever you are faced with challenging situations at your workplace. But workplace stress becomes a cause of concern when it becomes your constant companion at work. This is because prolonged exposures to work stress can deteriorate your health at all levels, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Therefore, you must manage your work stress. Below mentioned are seven effective ways with the help of which you can manage your work stress effectively.

1. Follow an exercise regime: 

Regular exercise offers you its various benefits, which can help you stay physically and mentally fit. It is quite a certainty that most of you are already familiar with the physical health benefits of exercising, so let us here discuss the mental health benefits, which you can avail by following a regular exercise regime. When you apply, your body gets flooded with different types of happy hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. All these happy hormones induce stress relief by lowering Cortisol levels in your body, which is the primary stress hormone. Therefore, you can kick start your daily stress management initiative by following a morning exercise regime.

2. Create a time-bound daily action plan: 

Much of the workplace stress originates from your inability to meet with your work targets in time. So, you can manage a considerable amount of work stress by achieving your work targets properly. For this, the best way is to create a time-bound action plan, wherein you have to set your timelines for your respective daily goals. The schedules which you set for yourself should always be ahead of the actual deadlines of submission, which you have been assigned with. It is by only meeting the timelines that you can accomplish your work targets before the real deadlines and, thus, save yourself from being stressed.

3. Stay organized: 

It has been scientifically proven that a cluttered workspace can induce waves of stress in your mind. This is because a cluttered workplace creates a sort of confusion in your mind, as a result of which you feel stressed. As an example of how a cluttered workplace impacts you, try looking at a computer desktop, which has different icons scattered all over it and then has a look at a computer desktop with all its icons arranged in a proper regular pattern. This simple exercise will help you understand the importance of having a well-organized workspace. A well- organized workspace prevents confusion and makes your mind feel at ease. Therefore, you need to keep your workspace correctly organized.

4. Bask in the therapeutic effect of soft music: 

Soft music has a therapeutic effect on your mind. It is because of its therapeutic fact that listening to soft music can make your brain feel relaxed and, thus, induce stress relief. Along with this, listening to soft music also rejuvenates your mood, and gives a significant boost to your productivity at work. Therefore, you can keep your mind relaxed by listening to soft music while working. Further, if you feel distracted by the lyrics, you can tune in to soft instrumental music and enjoy working.

5. Keep a stress journal: 

Keeping a stress journal is one of the best ways of stress management. This is because having a stress journal enables you to take note of different stressors that make you feel stressed. Once you are aware of the stressors that trigger stress in your mind, you can search for ways to minimize the impact of those stressors and thus, induce stress relief. The internet is one of the best platforms to search for ways to deal with different types of stressors.

6. Create a friend circle: 

Scientific studies have shown that spending quality time with friends and dear ones can significantly reduce your stress levels. This is because your body witnesses a splurge in the secretion of the hormone Oxytocin, when you spend your time in the company of your loved ones. Oxytocin is a happy hormone and, thus, works well at inducing stress relief. Further, as your colleagues are the ones with whom you spend most of your time at work, you should try making friends with them. By doing so, you can keep your body flooded with the hormone- Oxytocin, thus minimizing your stress level.

7. Meditate:

 “Meditation is to the mind; what food is to the body.” Meditation induces the desired relaxation in your mind, and thus, helps you in getting relieved of stress. This technique works on the root cause of the stress you experience, i.e., the ever constant chit chat of the thoughts, which goes on in your brain. When you meditate, focus your subtle attention on your breath and let your dreams be as and how they are. Nor do you get attached to your thoughts; neither do you try to get rid of them. As a result, with the regular practice of meditation, you get perfected for letting your ideas flow without disturbing your mental peace. Therefore, you can use daily meditation as a way to strengthen your resilience against stress.

To conclude, being stressed is perfectly okay, provided that your stress levels do not rise beyond what is normal. By following the ways mentioned above, you can keep your stress levels in control and prevent them from being elevated beyond normal.

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