7 Effective Ways to Protect Your Electronic Gadgets

Suppose your Laptop, tablet or smartphone meets an accident and you are running out of warranty, what will you do now?

Extended warranties play an essential role in such kind of emergencies. Every electronic gadget comes with a minimum of 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty. However, once the warranty expires, you have to look for insurance policies or extended warranties. Similarly, a technology insurance plan is just a form of insurance package covering smartphones, laptops, and tablets under one roof.

Let’s look into some of the practical plans that would help you to protect your electronic gadgets

  1. Portable device protection plan

Mobile electronic devices are incredibly essential because they can be easily damaged, misplaced, or theft. Protecting it can be a safe way to offset the maintenance and replacement expenses.

The most important thing you need to remember before you buy the contracts is to read the legal documentation carefully because some assurance companies don’t compensate for mechanical failure or accidental loss.

  1. Tablet and Laptop protection policy

The Laptop and tablet have become an essential component of modern life. As these are electronic devices, these need to protected as well.

The value of your Laptop and tablet degrades with time. Thus protecting your Laptop or a smartphone with an extended warranty is a great idea. The dell protection plan provides various facilities such as theft protection, 24×7 support, remote diagnosis, etc. Thus obtaining such arrangements for your laptops or tablet would be fruitful for you.

3.Smartphone protection plan

Suppose you accidentally drop your smartphone, and now you are unable to figure out what to do next? You need not worry about such kinds of situations when you acquire an excellent smartphone protection plan. There are various smartphone protection plans. 

As the iPhone is the most commonly used smartphone all over the world, the iphone protection plan is beneficial for iPhone owners. This plan provides one call assist, device pickup at your doorstep in case of damage, cashless service repair service, etc.

4. Adding an electronic gadget to your content policy

 The content policy, as the name suggests, provides coverage against loss or damage by theft, fire, etc. Thus if you have acquired a content policy, you can add your electronic gadgets into it. You can consult your insurance provider and know more about it.

Some of the content providers do not provide support to your smartphones. So you need to additionally need to inform your policy provider about the model and make of your smartphone for the accidental coverage.

5. Get your gadgets insured through third-party insurance providers

Most of the tablets, smartphones, and laptops come with a manufacturer’s warranty of a year, but what will you do once the manufacturer’s warranty is terminated. The best alternative option to this is getting your electronic devices secured with third- party insurance providers.

There are many third-party insurance providers available in the open market. The beneficiary services provided by these companies are extended warranties, theft, and accidental warranties, etc.

6. Choose the best protection plan for your electronic device 

The open market is filled with n number of insurance provider services, but the coverage varies from company-to-company. 

  • Do they provide replacement of a gadget when stolen?
  • Do they provide mechanical failures replacement?
  • Do they provide reimbursement for accidental or damage loss?

The insurance company which provides these services is a common attraction point for many customers.

7. Choosing an on-demand protection plan

Generally, not all insurance providers offer you the on-demand protection plan, but few providers do offer this service. For example, if you choose to take your tablet to a cafe, you can switch on your protection plan service when you go out and switch off when you return home.

The protection plan is available through an app that you can install on your Laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This kind of service is generally a money-saving service by enabling it when you need your devices to be covered and secured.


An electronic gadget insurance policy is critical to protect your devices from any and every kind of threat.

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