5 Amazing Air Conditioner Trends in 2020

As the summer gradually inches closer, more and more people are seeking to purchase new air conditioners and even upgrade their existing machines. With temperatures rising, air conditioners are the best way to stay cool and remain comfortable. 

However, in recent years, with awareness of climate change and global warming growing rapidly, consumer awareness has also increased significantly. Consumers now expect air conditioners to be less polluting and cause minimal damage to the environment, while still being efficient and powerful machines.

As manufacturers innovate towards building air conditioners that are more environment friendly, consumers worry about whether this will result in a rise in prices as well. However, owing to the plethora of sales channels both online and offline now, the best AC under 25000 in the Indian market are able to integrate the latest powerful technology. Even the best split ACs available in the market now are able to showcase powerful technology. Read on to learn about the most innovative and latest trends in the air conditioner industry that are set to reach the market in 2020. 

  1. Sensors for Smart Cooling:
    With development across different kinds of technology, air conditioners now integrate several sensors which allow for smart cooling. Smart ACs now have sensors which sense that the room is empty and turn down or switch off the cooling. Some sensors detect the persons in the room and their location, and impart cooling accordingly. The ambient temperature can be easily adjusted now.
  2. Using Smartphone Controls:
    Gone are the days of keeping your AC remote within reach, for easy access and to facilitate control of the air conditioner and cooling speeds. In 2020, ACs can be controlled with the smartphone alone. The best ACs under Rs. 25,000 will soon have this feature wherein a dedicated app on your smartphone can control the air conditioning in the room. You can also observe the power consumption by the AC through your smartphone, and stay vigilant about how much power you are using each time you switch on the air conditioner.
  3. Fast Cooling Technology:
    With innovation comes improved efficiency, and the air conditioning industry stands testament to this. In 2020, several new models are expected to feature different types of cooling that will ensure optimal cooling. A new feature will provide cool air for half an hour at a very high speed until the room’s temperature is comfortably cool. New technologies will also see additional vents installed on air conditioners which will suck out the hot air faster, leaving the room cooler.
  4. Enhanced Humidity Control:
    Cities near the coast usually have higher levels of humidity as compared to more land-locked areas. With monsoon following closely after summer, the humidity levels rise significantly making air conditioners’ functioning difficult. Traditional ACs have long suffered from an inability to control the humidity in a room. Often, humidity in the air has also resulted in water leaking from the AC. However, 2020 is set to change all that with the best split ACs in India now being equipped with a dehumidifier or a dry mode which helps keep the humidity in control. Some manufacturers are also feeding data into the air conditioner, which helps the machine adjust the air conditioning suitably and work on dehumidifying it.
  5. Pollutant Filters:
    AC filters are one part of the AC which require significant maintenance and thus, innovation is necessary. In 2020, ACs are expected to be equipped with filters that stop particulate matter (PM) 2.5, to filter out the tiny particles of impurities from the room. AC filters are now being developed, which filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the room which may have come in as residue from paints, glues and other solvents.

With the manufacturing industry innovating rapidly, the best split ACs in India will soon feature the latest technology which ensures minimal power consumption and maximum efficiency. The best ACs under Rs. 25,000 in 2020 will be able to showcase the best technology while also addressing consumer concerns regarding global warming and climate change.

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