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If reading is your hobby and you are missing reading interesting articles in this time of the pandemic, do not worry; there is always a ray of hope. You might find it difficult to access a paperback copy of a new book during this lockdown and might be missing reading something new, informative, and interesting as you used to. Then this is certainly the time when you should get yourself into reading a digital magazine. A magazine is basically a collection of a number of articles on various domains including technological innovations, environmental concerns, research, health, and a lot more written by those who find writing as their passion. Considering the availability and accessibility of a paperback magazine, you may find it tedious to get a hold of it. So a digital magazine is certainly becoming a boon to many readers.
Perks of a digital magazine:
In the digital era where everything is getting digital, magazines are not behind anywhere. They are also seeking online platforms for their publishing and making them available online has improved their availability. They are easily available and we can get access to it too without any hassle. Generally, they are made available after a payment which is likely to be lesser than what you need to pay for a paperback copy the same.
Access to get digital magazines has become quite easy. You need not have to go out and find it physically as it is always available to you once you buy it from the online store. So if you do not want to stock these magazines and avoid them from piling into your bookshelf, digital magazines are always the first preference where the range of its access always increases.
No compromise with the quality of the content:
You need not have to worry about the quality of the content you receive via the digital magazine. The publishers of the digital magazine serve no compromise with the quality of the content the readers would receive. With better availability and accessibility, you can be certain to receive the best quality content in digital magazines also. Nowadays, along with only digitally published magazines, paperback magazines are also getting available at the online platforms as digital magazines which increases its availability and accessibility without any compromise with the content.
Weaver is a digital magazine published by monomousumi.com. Monomousumi.com is an online platform that organizes amongst many other initiatives, an online monthly essay writing competition. The participants are expected to submit their entry of the essay before every 25th of the month, the topic of the same is declared a month before. It announces the results with exciting prizes in every first week of the next month. The Weaver incorporates selected essays that are received as the entries for the competition from all across the world.
The exciting feature of this magazine is the editorial board of the same. The editorial board members of this magazine are none but the participants who had participated in the previous month. After participating in the competition, I had volunteered as the content doctor at the editorial board of the digital magazine. After the experience of volunteering at monomousumi.com, I certainly feel that my experience is worth sharing with you. The best things which I felt about Weaver while volunteering at the editorial board can be listed down as below:
While scrutinizing the essays, you get a chance to perceive the views; the way the participants think, their perception towards the topic, and at the same time, you get acquainted with different writing styles.
At the end of the process, you will find that you not only have improved reading skills but your writing skills will also have a positive impact.
You are awarded a certificate that helps you build your resume.
Apart from the certificate, the experience you get while interacting with your team members certainly helps you to build your attitude. The indirect inculcation of interpersonal skills is an added advantage you will find at the end of the process.
You get an exposure to execute your leadership skills which have got affected by the monotonous routine which you might be following because of the lockdown.
The magazine instills articles written on a variety of topics. Being in the editorial board tests your responsible behavior without any compulsion to do so.
You come to know the efforts the team puts in to make this task interesting and successful at the end.
Focusing on the magazine, the reader need not have to anything to access it. It is made available online at monomousumi.com for free and everyone with complete access to it.
It’s very hard to find any advertisements in the magazine and because of which you get access to a completely resourceful document.
You can be at the editorial board without having affected your daily routine. With proper dedication, you do complete your task within a stipulated time with impromptu guidelines provided by the coordinators.


  1. Shreyaa says:

    WEAVER is an Amazing magazine with a lot of fun and interesting things!

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