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Decorative Cabinet Hardware 

Decorative Cabinet Hardware is the latest trending fashion and an inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen or bath. It gives cabinets an enhancing and colorful look, but its purpose also includes keeping the oil and dirt away from damaging the finishing of the cabinets.

Various finishing available in decorative cabinet hardware is Patina, Antique Brass, Brass, Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Stain Steel, Copper, Pewter whereas, different styles available are decorative, functional, storage, bath, and appliance handles.   

Modern Cabinet hardware

Two different cabinet hardware categories include pull, cup pulls, edge tears, knobs, drop pulls, and backplates.

Pulls and knobs are fixtures attached to your drawers, facilitating the opening and closing of the cabinets, where pulls are mounted to the cabinet at two points, and knobs are connected at just one end to the cabinet.

The modern cabinet hardware choice needs to compliment the cabinet’s style in your bath or kitchen, but most importantly, it showcases your personality:

  • Traditional: For a more classic look to your cabinets, the traditional hardware style includes more detailed design and ornamentation.
  • Contemporary: This gives a cleaner look to your cabinet; stainless steel is very common here.
  • Transitional: It is a hybrid look, including elements from both traditional and contemporary.
  • Electric: It gives a more informal and fun look.

Addison Weeks launched in the year 2012 by two southern designers who loved gemstones and statement jewelry. It started with jewelry business, moving ahead to design collaboration of gemstone hardware with Barrie Benson, for Highland House Furniture.

Its collection is available in many boutiques and online platforms like Amazon Prime, One Kings Lane, the Mine, Houzz, and Perigold.

Quite designer and gemstone cabinet knobs are available with many styles and varieties – Elliptical Knob, Geometric Knob, Oliver small knob, Lane knob, Evans knob, Benson knob, Harrison small knob and many more.

While re-designing or installing new hardware, it is essential to make sure that the new hardware has the same hole configuration or is such that it can hide the ones made for the old ones.

The position and height of the hardware are entirely dependent on your choice of style. Addison Weeks is highly recommended for buying Cabinet Hardware for your use. It has a variety of products that will serve your style design and give your kitchen/bath the desired look.   

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