Best Things to Do and See in Jeddah

Apart from the major urban centre of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is also among the top Middle Eastern tourist destinations. It is the second-largest city of the kingdom after Riyadh and the largest city of the Makkah Province. Surprisingly, Jeddah is the principal gateway to the two of the holiest cities in Islam, Mecca and Medina. Mecca is located just 65 kilometres to the east of the town, whereas the city of Medina is about 360 kilometres to the north. From bustling shopping districts and elegant cafes to the open-air art sculptures and towering skyscrapers, the city has all the attractions to fascinate you!

People living in Jeddah have a lineage of diverse ethnicities. Some have come here from the neighbouring countries, including Yemen and Qatar, while others have migrated from the far off places, including Turkey and Iraq. The diverse citizenry of Jeddah has also immensely influenced traditional cuisine. 

In this piece, not only will we decipher the best things to do in Jeddah, but we will also delineate the perfect places of this historical yet awe-inspiring city. Let’s start our journey without further ado.

Best Time to Visit Jeddah

Similar to most of the places in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is also known for dry and hot climate. In summers, the temperature can rise to 46 degrees. So, we would recommend you visit Jeddah through cheap flight tickets between October and March as the temperature becomes relatively fresh. Plus, you would also not have to encounter the dust storms which are frequent in summers.

Best Things to Do In Jeddah

As soon as you land on Jeddah, you will find so many things that it would become difficult for you to decide which items to do first. Needless to say, Jeddah has a plethora of things to entertain you, and getting proper knowhow of all the things is pivotal to enjoy the tour seamlessly. Here, we have mentioned all the activities that you just need to add to your Jeddah itinerary.

1. Visit the Jeddah Waterfront

After the major overhaul of the beaches and the city’s chronicles, Jeddah waterfront has become the biggest attraction of the town. It is 4.5 kilometre stretch of coastline and covers a total area of 180 acres. It is also referred to as the ‘bride of the red sea’ where people come in droves for evening walks, barbecues the sea breeze. Every weekend, the place hosts plenty of concerts where people sing, dance, and enjoy the festivities. So, if you want to get exposed to the lavish atmosphere of Jeddah, then the Waterfront is the ideal venue.

2. Enjoy the KiteBoarding

Kiteboarding is the latest trend where you control a kite from a specially designed surfboard. The most appropriate place for kiteboarding is the South Corniche, where not only the expert but also the beginner kiteboarders can relish the joys of kiteboarding. However, while in water, try to be extremely careful as the wind gust could imbalance the surfboard. Similarly, you should also be watching out for the rocks and the coral reefs along the way.

3. Fishing in the Red Sea

When you walk along the north and the south corniches, you will witness several people doing shore fishing. Most of the expatriates earn their bread and butter through fishing. Not only the amateurs, but the professionals also come here and catch the fishes of different kinds. Therefore, we suggest you visit the shores of the Red sea and get your hands dirty with the fishes. It will be prolific if you come here in a group considering that your task of hunting would become more comfortable.

4. Play Golf at the Desert Lakes of Jeddah

You should be heading to the Desert Lakes if you want some desert golfing. Located east of the Jeddah airport, this sand course has 18 holes where you can carry an artificial turf to play on the sand fairways. Despite the lack of curl, the class still offers its hazards and obstacles. Plus, there are also water hazards in the form of red and yellow stakes. But, if you want a greener golf course, then go to the Durrah Golf Course and Academy where you will find the class with nine holes.

5. Shop at Souk Al-Shatee

If you have exhausted yourself after all those entertaining activities, then it is high time you find the right spot for shopping. Souk Al-Shantee is the biggest shopping centre in Jeddah where you can get not only local but also the various Middle Eastern goods. All the essential commodities, including carpets, glassware, food accessories, clothes, and electronic devices, can be bought from this centre. Apart from Souk, there are also other shopping malls such as Tahlia and Al-Khayyat where the boutiques and designer clothes can be availed.

6. Eat From Al Nakheel Hotel

There are several hotels and restaurants in Jeddah where you can taste the region-specific cuisine. If you are obsessed with the Indonesian food, then go to Al Balad and order something from the Wong Solo. The Middle Eastern style dining can be experienced at Al Nakheel Restaurant. For the street food lovers, Balad Street food is the ideal location as you can water your mouth by tasting falafel wraps or shawarma.

 Best Places to Visit in Jeddah

Jeddah has always been an important city because of its proximity to the sacred cities. Jeddah has several captivating places where you can go to create unforgettable memories. Each year, thousands of people come here by PIA online booking to witness the unique attractions such as Bait Al Balad and Al-Rahma Mosque. Here is a complete list of all the places that you must see during your visit to Jeddah.

7. Al-Rehma Mosque

Al-Rehma mosque is in the north of Jeddah and floats seamlessly on the Red Sea. Visitors come here to enjoy the sunset, endure the cooling breeze, and wander in the open courtyard of the mosque. The interior of the mosque is quite stunning. The main hall of the mosque is decorated with the modern twists on the classical design patterns. You should definitely come here to get the spiritual serenity.

8. Beit Al Balad

Beit Al Balad is a 20th-century museum that houses the artefacts, monuments, and ephemera linked to the old history of Jeddah. The museum depicts the cream-coloured architecture that can also be seen on all the Hijazi buildings. The museum had served as the headquarters of British legation from 1915 to 1930. Currently, the museum is not open for public due to some research projects. However, it is estimated that it will be reopened for the people in early 2020.

9. Fakieh Aquarium

Jeddah is the only Saudi Arabian city to have an aquarium. Fakieh Aquarium is an underground water tunnel that hosts more than 200 marine species. There are also some scarce species including the green turtle and the dragon fish which will surely overwhelm you. Rich in diversity and fun, the Fakieh Aquarium is a beautiful place where you will spend the quality time with your family. Families living in Pakistan generally book Lahore to Jeddah flights to witness the sea life on Fakieh Aquarium. 

10. The Mecca Gate

The Mecca Gate stands at the start of the road the leads to the holiest Islamic city Mecca. The gate had served as the official pilgrimage port for the devotees who used to pass through this gate while going to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah. This impressive three-arched gate is surrounded by the large installations which were placed to protect the city from invaders. Going there will take you down the days of 15th and 16th century.

11. Fish Market

The famous Fish Market of Jeddah is located west of corniche and has more than 50 species of sea creatures on display. The stalls in the market are awash with the various kinds of fishes including sharks, grouper, squid and parrotfish. The real action of fishes starts at 5 am as the local fishermen open their cages, and fishes fall amok on the ground. Plus, there are also various restaurants nearby where you can taste the delicious sea delicacies.

Bottom Line

Jeddah is full of exciting activities that will make your trip enjoyable. Given the diversity and the variety of places, you will always find more options to choose from. Don’t wait, and book your online ticket for Jeddah through faremakers.com to furnish your itinerary flawlessly.

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