Do’s and Don’ts of Window Tinting

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Window tints are a great way of improving the car’s overall appearance. But do you know that they offer numerous other advantages too?

Firstly, it prevents sun rays and heat from entering your car.

This is much-needed especially in summers when the temperatures are skyrocketing, and the inside temperature of the car becomes unbearable. It helps maintain the temperature inside the car pleasant along with a better performance of car AC.

Especially if you have located in areas with hot weather i.e Car Window Tinting in Dubai is essential and everyone should get tints for their vehicles.

It also gives you privacy as well and makes you feel comfortable that you are not being watched by every unknown individual on the road.

Everything has to be maintained properly and looked after, the same is the case with window tint. Here are some points to keep your window tints maintained.

Let us take a look at the don’ts first before we move on to the dos.


Clean the Window Right After Getting them Tinted

As it takes time for window film to stick onto the actual window of the car, you shouldn’t clean the inside part of the window for a few days or even a week and give some time to the film to adhere properly onto the window. If you clean it instantly or too early, it may get damaged

Use Chemicals like Ammonia Which Damage the Window Film

As some chemicals are recommended to clean your car to keep the color of your car maintained, the same is not the case with tinted windows.

Avoid using chemicals especially that which contains ammonia which can peel off the tint of the window or may cause color fading giving your car an odd look.

Roll Down the Window Immediately After Having the Tints Installed

Do not roll down your windows shortly after the window tint has been installed. Give it a week or so to properly set it on to the original window of your car and avoid it getting damaged.


Using Products That Are Compatible with Window Tints

The majority of the time, people use clothes that can harm window film as not every cloth is safe for cleaning it. This is the most common mistake that people commit due to lack of knowledge which results in fading of the color. Before cleaning the window with a cloth, always make sure it is safe for window film which is usually mentioned on the tag of the cloth.

Use a squeegee or soft cloth for cleaning purposes

Soft clothes are comfortable to wear for humans as compared to the hard ones. The same is the case with cars. When cleaning the film of the window, use soft cloths and squeegees as they don’t damage the film or cause swirl marks on it. Using a hard cloth can chip away pieces of the film as well.

Clean the Window Exterior Like You Normally Would

Window tint is usually installed on the inside part of the window only, so you can clean the exterior like you normally do as it has no relation with the window film. However, you will have to be extra careful when cleaning the window from the inside as the film of the window may get damage

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