3 Ways to Check IDFC FIRST Bank Balance

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There are many private sector banks in India, but the IDFC FIRST Bank stands out of the crowd. Well, there are two main reasons why this happens. The first one if because of the amazing 7% p.a. the interest rate they offer on the savings bank account balance. And the second reason is the customer support they offer.

They are one of the best in terms of customer support if you are facing difficulties just give them a call and it will be fixed for you. If you want to check your IDFC FIRST Bank account balance. Then I will tell you 3 ways to do it.

I mentioned the interest rate of this bank because there are only a few banks that offer such a high rate. And that too on the savings bank account balance. There are few public sector banks in India that offer less than 7% on a few money instruments like fixed deposits.

But the problem with the FDs is your money will be locked for a fixed period of time. If you have got some emergency and are in urgent need of money you will have to pay penalty for pre-mature withdrawal. There are some banks that allow partial withdrawal as well.

The interest rate which we get on our savings bank account balance is simply a kind of free money we are getting from the bank. However, the money is sitting idle in the bank account. So it is always better to go with such banks who offer good interest rates.

But here you should note that I am not recommending anyone to open a bank account with IDFC FIRST Bank or taking a guarantee of them. I am just sharing my views about this bank. But indeed they are a good bank. But do your own analysis before you choose to transfer all your money to your IDFC FIRST Bank account.

3 Ways to Check Your IDFC FIRST Bank Balance

You can check your IDFC FIRST Bank account balance by following many ways. The bank allows you to check your bank account balance online as well as offline. What I mean by using the term online is using the internet to check your balance.

If you want to use the internet then you have options like internet banking, mobile banking, and UPI. And in offline options, we have using ATM Machine and getting an account statement from the home branch.

But here I will be sharing the 3 most used ways to check IDFC FIRST Bank account balance. While I was writing this guide to check balance for the people who hold an account with this bank. I was reading many articles that are already published online.

The reference I used was of Bank With Us. My objective of writing this guide is to make a simple and straight forward guide to check the remaining account balance in your IDFC FIRST Bank account.

Missed Call

This is the most used way of checking the remaining bank account balance in India. That is because of how simple this way is. Because all you have to do is give a missed call and you are done.

Let me explain to you, there is a phone number which is officially given by the IDFC FIRST Bank to its customers. Here you being one of their customers has to give a missed call to this number: 1800 2700 720. Even if you don’t cut the call it will be automatically ended by the bank’s system and in return, you will get an SMS with your bank account balance.


If you don’t want to give a missed call the don’t worry I have another way for you to check your account balance. In this way, you have to send an SMS to the bank’s number and you will get an SMS which will tell you the amount of remaining balance in your IDFC FIRST Bank account.

Type an SMS as BAL in all the characters are in the capital letters. And send this SMS to 5676732.

Customer Care

The 3rd and the last way I have for you to check your account balance is. By calling the customer care of the IDFC FIRST Bank. The toll-free customer care number of the bank is 1800 419 4332.

As soon as you call the customer care of the bank you will be asked to select the language in which you would like to interact. It is 1 for English, 2 for Hindi followed by other native languages. After you select your language the IVR system will speak out the amount of balance that is remaining in your bank account.

And Finally, 

These are the 3 most used ways to check the IDFC FIRST Bank account balance. But make sure that you use your registered mobile number to check the balance. All the 3 ways which I have mentioned above will work only when you are using the registered mobile number. You can read more about IDFC FIRST Bank on Wikipedia.

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