What computer networking and its architecture?

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Computer networking can be defined as a unit of various communication protocols over digital interconnection. The purpose of computer networking is to share resources. There are two types of networking one is physically wired, and the other is a wireless radiofrequency method. Today in this article, we will talk about networking and its architecture.

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Working functionality of computer networking

We can categorize computer networking in many criteria; for example, the transmission medium is used for carrying signals. Bandwidth communication protocol aims to organize network traffic network size, topology traffic, control mechanism, and organization.

With the help of computer networking, we can easily access many applications and services such as access to the worldwide web, digital audio, digital video, use of storage services, fax machines, printer, instant, messaging applications, and many more. 

Network packet

In a simple language, we can define network packet as a mode of transmission which is used by the computer network. Most advanced computer network use network package for transmitting data from one end to another end.

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Network topology

We can define network topology as an organisational hierarchy of the interconnected network, host, layout data in contrast to their physical or geographical location. All computer networking depends on network and arrangement of its topology. The network topology can affect the speed of data transmission and its security. 

Some of the popular forms of network topology are listed below.

A bus network: It is a kind of topology in which we can see the connection between nodes establish in such a form so that it could be connected to a universal medium. We can find the use of the bus network in the original Ethernet, and it is quite popular and common topology for the data link layer.

Star network: It is a form of the topology where all interfaces are connected to the spherical central node. We can find this type of layout in a wireless LAN where each wireless client is connected to the primary wireless access point

A ring network: It is a kind of topology where you can see the connectivity of nodes to the left and right neighbour node. 

Mesh network: It is the most popular form of the topology where each node is connected to an arbitrary number of neighbours and the architecture of these nodes take place in such a way so that there is at least one traversal from one node to another

Fully connected network: This is the purest form of the topology where each node is connected to the other node in the system without disturbing each other

A tree network: This form of topology shows the hierarchy of the nodes

The basic structure and architecture behind these nodes and functionality are not as simple as it seems to be. You have to understand is initial architecture while working with these nodes.

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