Can You Travel During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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If you love to travel, or maybe you had plans to visit this year, you might have had all your plans ruined by the Coronavirus pandemic. With airlines grounded, borders closed and movement severely restricted, people are wondering if they will ever be able to travel during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As some countries begin to open their borders, people are starting to look at their travel options again. Travel data analyst ForwardKeys has been tracking behavior as people begin to book flights and make plans.

But is it a good idea to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic? And if you do, what should you do to stay safe?


One of the biggest problems is that flights aren’t operating as standard, so travel is harder than usual. Although international travel is available to a select few destinations, it does depend on where you’re based and where you want to go.

For example, at the moment, the USA and Brazil are quite severely affected, so few people are accepting travellers from those locations.

Most airlines are doing their best to reassure and put measures in place to protect travellers. So, if you do decide to fly, you will most likely need to use a face mask and use antibacterial gel regularly.


Perhaps the most significant growth tourism option during the Covid-19 outbreak is the staycation. Many people are touting the pleasures of exploring their home countries, and even prominent travel bloggers are focusing on their backyards.

If you’re planning to travel in 2020, or during the Coronavirus outbreak, you’ll most likely be staying quite close to home. And this isn’t a bad thing! You can explore your own country, see places you might never have visited otherwise and still feel like you’ve escaped your backyard.

Overland travel

Once again, this will depend mainly on where you’re based and where you want to go. Many European countries have restricted movement, and even in Asia and South America, it isn’t as easy to cross borders as it was last year.

The best thing is to check the situation in your destination country and make sure you obey local laws. You don’t want to get caught out with a 14-day quarantine if you’re only travelling for a week!

Camper vans and camping

One problem with travel during the Covid-19 pandemic will likely be the lack of accommodation. This will mean being resourceful and creative, as you can’t just choose a hostel or Airbnb like you usually would.

Campervans offer an excellent way to enjoy travel but stay within your bubble. This way you can choose your location, such as a campsite, and do your catering. It might not be a 5-star luxury, but hey, at least it’s a travel option!

Staying safe while traveling

If you can travel, for whatever reason, then remember that you’ll need to take extra safety precautions. These will include:

● Respecting local laws such as social distancing

● Using a facemask in public

● Washing your hands regularly

● Using antibacterial gel often

As the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic develops, make sure to stay up to date with local news in your location and your travel destination.

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