Advantages of CSGO Smurf Accounts

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CSGO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a widely popular game. It is famous for its deep storyline, which infuses complex, meaningful action, its variety of modes and maps, its unique community, and loyal fanbase. It offers many facilities to make the game exciting and intense.

The game provides ranks to denote the skill level of every individual player. The positions start from Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, together known as the Silvers and move up to Golden Nova I, Golden Nova II, Golden Nova III, and Golden Nova IV are collectively known as the Goldens.

It further moves up to Master Guardian I, Master Guardian II, Master Guardian Elite, and Distinguished Master Guardian. Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme First Master Class, and The Global Elite are the highest ranks a gamer can achieve.

Are you stuck at the miserly low rank of Silvers? Are you not able to move up through the ranks because of smurfs?

Do not worry, and we have a perfect solution for you in the form of the CS: GO Prime Account.

One such facility is that it provides accounts. Many accounts are providing many advantages. One such report is CSGO Smurf Accounts. It was recently added and upgraded by Valve. Initially, a gamer had to complete twenty-one severe levels to acquire this honourable Prime Account. After an upgrade, the players can now purchase the Prime Account at 15 USD. The CS: GO Prime Account has many benefits.

  • It makes it very easy for a gamer to have access to different types of weapons and skins. If you have a CS: GO Prime Account, you will not have to toil away for weapons and skins. Without spending so much energy, time, and effort, a gamer can have it all if he or she buys a Prime Account. 
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a good game, but it is still susceptible to hacking. Hackers linger everywhere. One great advantage of buying a CS: GO Prime Account is that it protects the gamer to a considerable extent from hackers. It even protects players from smurf accounts.
  • Being a CS: GO Prime Account owner, the gamer can compete with people of skill. Matchmaking becomes better where you are usually matched with fellow Prime Account holders, which gives the player a sense of high-quality gaming, hence, allowing him to enhance, develop and hone his or her gaming skills and tactics.
  • CS: GO Prime Account holders have access to exclusive things like special weapons, ranks, and skins.

How to get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prime Account?

There are many ways of obtaining the CS: GO Prime Account. If a gamer had bought Counter-Strike:

Global Offensive before it went free in December 2019, the player will automatically have a Prime account, regardless of his or her current rank. 

If a gamer is new to this game and did not buy it before it was made free, the player can either complete up to twenty-one strict levels or buy the CSGO Ranked Account for 15 USD.

All gamers should keep one thing in mind that if, in any case, your phone number gets removed or deleted from your account, the CS: GO Prime Account will be deactivated.

The logic behind this is that the Prime Account is attached to the gamer’s phone number and not his or her account. This way, the player can transfer any accounts to different gamers quickly. 

To sum up this article, CSGO Prime Account has become a necessity for every gamer out there to prevent hackers and smurfs exploitation. But if you are looking for a more significant investment, you can go for CSGO Master Guardian Account.

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