Aahwahan Foundation Distributes Clothes To 100 Migrant Workers Across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru

Aahwahan Foundation had requested many garments manufacturers and vendors to donate clothes for the migrant workers in this hour of crisis. 10 responded to the request positively, giving clothes for the migrant workers.

This help from Aahwahan Foundation will make a real difference to the lives of many migrants, who are struggling to make ends meet.

Several migrants at the clothes distribution thanked the NGO for demonstrating sensitivity towards their problem; they highlighted the importance of wearing suitable clothing for their self-esteem and well-being.

The NGO has been involved in various social projects across India for over five years; they have done considerable work at the grassroots level ever since the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the nation.

Aahwahan Foundation has been known to provide precise help at the right moment for the most vulnerable sections. Socially conscious members of the community are encouraged to contact the NGO for any donations.

Prolonged conflicts, unrelenting violence, and extreme poverty and discrimination drive millions of migrants from their home states; they move to economically vibrant areas such as Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR region, etc. in search of a job.

In a post-liberalization era, they have formed a vital cog in the nation’s commercial space, contributing immensely to infrastructure development and serving as the backbone in lifting the economy; unfortunately, most migrants could never lift themselves out of poverty.

The pandemic hit them further where it hurt them the most – their daily income, which led to deafening silence and uncertainty.

Crowded living areas and restricted access to food, water, and sanitation made the situation even direr for the migrants. Their families back home were worried about safety and were always putting pressure on them to come back.

For one such group of migrants in Bangalore, the condition was upended when the house owners gave them an ultimatum to pay rent or vacate the rooms. Without a source of income and with no community support, their situation was unenviable. 

Aahwahan Foundation came to know about their plight and decided to stand up for them.

Our volunteers approached the house owners and requested them to reconsider their decision on the rent. However, the situation was no different on the other side.

For most house owners, the rent was the only source of income, and they were left with no other alternative. 

Our NGO then decided to help the migrants travel to their respective home states. We communicated with the relevant government authorities to get the inter-state permission.

Once the approval was received, we collaborated with a private bus operator for the transport.

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