You do not have to fear the dentist!

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When you are looking for a Hungerford dentist, you should know that all of them want you to have the best experience possible. No dentist wants their patients afraid to the point where they cannot get the dental care they need. But a lot of people have a fear of the dentist.

The key is getting yourself to the point where you can still go and get treatment and not let the fear and anxiety affect your oral health.

Regular care is so important

Preventing smaller problems turning into more significant problems is a crucial part of what the right dentist does for you. Getting regular check-ups and cleaning is the best way to see that your dentist stays on top of your oral health.

You are less likely to have severe issues with gum disease and tooth decay. Smaller problems are more comfortable to fix, and then you do not have as many major dental problems.

Unfortunately, when patients have a fear of the dentist, they are more prone to needing severe dental work, and that can keep the cycle of the doubt going.

Talk to your dentist about sedation options

If you have lousy anxiety talk to the staff at the Hungerford dentist surgery before you go through any treatment about sedation options.

There is often an option of an IV or breathing sedation that only has to be mild in strength but will help take the edge of your fear so that you can get treatment. There are several reasons why people develop fear.

Sometimes it comes from bad experience, and sometimes it comes from a childhood trauma that stays with them. When a person associates negative feelings and pain with something and can lead to a general fear of all dentists. 

Look for a dentist you feel comfortable with

When you are looking for a Hungerford dentist, you should take your time to find one with a good reputation, someone who has experience with patients who have a fear and someone they feel comfortable with. You can start by asking people you know if they have a recommendation, but do not think you have to use them.

Just because your parents have a good relationship with a dentist does not mean they are best suited to your needs. Ask questions, and see how relaxed you feel. Is this someone you can see yourself trusting?

Ideally, it would help if you got yourself to a dentist every six months. Please make sure you tell them straight up that you have these fears and feelings of anxiety.

It will change how they deal with you, and they can take steps to ease the process the best they can. Make sure they have a friendly receptionist, a clean waiting room and happy patients.


At a significant Hungerford dentist surgery, you can get the treatment you need with a dentist who will do their best to help you relax.

Once you have a good relationship with your dentist, you can feel less anxious about the procedures, and while you might always have some nerves when you go, you can control the fear.

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