Experiential Marketing-An Imperative Tool To Promote Your Brand

When we talk about promoting one’s business there are multiple ways to do it. The invention of the internet provided an easy opportunity to connect the world even from remote areas. You make an advertisement and display it on TV, newspaper, or billboards but the question arises what will happen if nobody has seen them. Even sometimes people are very busy to put a glance on beneficial aspects of a product. The best alternative of all these problems is the experiential marketing.  Experiential marketing is an imperative method to stimulate positive sentiments among customers by offering live experiences. This type of strategy combines five senses on a single product and creates a strong bond with consumers. The positive affiliation brings brand loyalty and generates dollars at the back-end. The Endless Events Company has released a report in 2017 in which it mentioned that experiential marketing satisfied 95% consumers by providing live experience about products.

What types of benefits are delivered?

Cinetransformer experiential marketing agencyoffers the following classic solutions for brand activation and promotion of your products.

  1. Make your company stand out from competitors by making a creative strategy:

They engage the crowd by devising a creative, entertaining, and emotional strategy. In this way, ordinary people pay attention to your products. For example, in 2017 during NRF Big Trade Show an electronic company ‘’Brothers’’ used a strategy to stand a human in a robot costume that gathered the attention of attendees. The robot could walk around there and interact with attendees.

Image result for NRF Big Show 2017: Brother Robot
  • Create a memorable impact with long lasting experience:

The traditional modes of communication and marketing are less impactful than experiential marketing. An entertaining campaign creates a memorable connection between heart and mind. The people talk about a specific experience throughout their life. For example, the 7-Eleven stores were transformed into real-life Kwik-E-Mart in 2007 on the launch of The Simpsons Movie. The audiences still remember it. According to a report released by Bizzabo Blogs in 2018, about 31% of marketers have found experiential marketing as a powerful tool than content marketing or digital marketing.

  • Use bold experiential marketing planning by connecting influencers and social media:

The more interesting your campaign is the more you will earn. The experiential marketing agencies always try to catch the attention of social media and bloggers by newsworthy reviews. The companies spend millions of dollars every year an influencer or blogger to promote their business. Such as, Stratos experiential marketing campaign was launched by Red Bull in 2012 in which it invited skydiver ‘’Felix Baumgartner’’ as the brand ambassador. He broke the record by falling through the altitude of 127,851 feet. It was the biggest internet sensation at that time.

Image result for 2012 Red Bull launched its Stratos experiential marketing campaign
  • Meet social media with the experiential marketing strategy to share the experience:

It is the responsibility of a trustworthy experiential marketing agency to combine and connect social media with experiential marketing. Although you are not using social media platform yet your loyal customers will love to share their live experiences via social media. This shareable experience becomes the word of mouth to bring potential buyers towards your brand. For example, in 2015 Sprite created outdoor showers at beachside from which water was coming through big soda dispensers. The #spriteshower was the most loving hashtag on Instagram by viewers.

  • Bring positivity by allowing the live experience to consumers:

Cinetransformer experiential marketing agency creates emotional connections via live experience.Experiential marketing allows the tangible experience to create an immersive relationship with consumers. It helps people to make decisions on whether they want to buy this product or not. A survey was made by Event Track which showed that 65% of consumers are more satisfied after the live experience.

Personify your brand with mobile marketing vehicle tours:

The survey of national brands in the US suggested that mobile marketing vehicle tours can turn 12% customers towards your brand while 75% of customers want to stay with your brand. In 2019, the AgencyEA showed that 60% of the marketers have agreed upon live marketing as a powerful strategy. The selection of the right mobile vehicle with the tour management team is the most effective strategy to activate your services or items. You can hit a road with a truck or bus intricate the logo of your brand. The mobile marketing vehicle tours are greatly influenced by the size and type of mobile vehicle you are planning to adopt. Likewise, mobile marketing vehicles can be proving fruitful to create awareness among people about any social issue or to collect charity. For example, in America ‘’No Kid Hungry mobile tour’’ was planned to create awareness about school going children that are hungry or suffer from malnutrition. It was estimated that 1 out of 6 children are hungry and without having breakfast while they are going to school.

Get your products in the hands of consumers to build connectivity with them and to leave millions of impression on their minds:

It is the best way to target the audience to generate value. The main object to select mobile marketing vehicle tours is to make a plan with the help of the right team partners. The role of key decision makers is to return investment in the form of profit, value, or sales. Through mobile marketing tours, you extend your brand on roads where the individuals can come in connect with your services or products. Mobile marketing vehicles can be customized according to your desire. For example, you can change the interior, can install HD high resolution display, incorporate music, or bring technology in the vehicle. The state of experiential marketing study in 2018 has revealed that 75% of B2B respondents have agreed that mobile tours are beneficial and produced a 14% increase in the profit in 2018.

Even Google loves to go for mobile marketing tours:

According to Ad Age article’s report, the holding company of Google ‘’Nest’’ promoted its product by taking an old fore engine and turned it into a mobile pop-up display store. The Nest customized the fire trucks for Google to promote its product in New York City. Through this strategy, the people were able to demonstrate their smart smoke detector.

Some highlighted benefits of mobile experiential marketing vehicle tours:

  • It is the most organic form of marketing creates the buzz among people on the roads.
  • The vehicles can easily locate at any place where the company wants to target the audience.
  • It is a sort of moving billboard that creates a strengthening impression of your brands via existing hands-on experience.
  • These mobile experiential vehicles save both the time and money of customers that generate their decision making capability.
  • These tours bring valued customers that dramatically enhance the profit and sales of a particular product.

Grow awareness about your brand via brand activation:

According to Freeman, 9 out of 10 marketers believe that live experiences are a powerful means for brand activation and engagement. Moreover, this effective methodology helps to fulfill the goal of an organization. The brand activation agency services include bringing the awareness of a brand by engaging the customers. The agencies work to develop a direct affiliation with your product. The Event Marketing Solutions released statistics in 2018 about experiential marketing during sponsored events. For example, one day conferences, concerts, food festivals, trade shows, or business seminars are the best options to promote your products by selecting an appropriate brand ambassador for your company.  Likewise, they also said that 93% of event markets prioritize live experience to share directly with their audience.

Brand activation-how it is beneficial?

  • Bring something that is never encountered by the audience before. For example, Contours’ Baby Stroller Test Ride is worthy to quote here. We have seen many baby strollers but I am sure that you have not seen an adult stroller. The company designed an adult-sized stroller and brought it on roads to capture the attention of the audience.
  • The agencies create a scenario that encourages the audience to share their experience on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It creates a social buzz and develops a sense of love with the audience. At the Coachella music festival‘’’Sonic’’ sold square-shaped shaped that were only available to purchase via picture-sharing platform.
  • The brand activation agency services bring different challenges, quiz competition, free samples, questionnaires, or cinematic displays to create awareness about the brand. Vitaminwater promoted its brand at WayHome Music Festival during the summer season. During scorching heat, they offered fun misting stations by solving the problem of attendees and saved them from heat.
  • Never make your brand activation strategy complex or puzzling by incorporating too many things. You must provide your audience with the exact services they are looking for. Durango Boots offered the boosting ride on El Diablo -mechanical bull- that was a funny experience.
  • You can tell your interactive story to the attendees. How and where you started your business? How did you collect investments or where you are standing now?
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