Fitness Essentials To Stay In Shape While On Lockdown

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A couple of weeks ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) finally declared that the COVID-19 coronavirus had become a pandemic, sparking immediate government action across the globe. Now, lockdowns, community quarantines, and social distancing measures are the norm. With stay-at-home orders in place, many are left with absolutely nothing to do.

Despite the dire state of the world, a glimmer of optimism is much-needed to keep you mentally healthy. In that regard, being forced inside your home does not mean that your days have to be occupied by Netflix marathons and junk food. It is physically beneficial for you to keep your immunity in check, which means making healthy adjustments and getting your body moving. Whether you are a fitness buff or aspiring to be fit, here are some fun fitness essentials to make the most of your time at home. From VPA protein powder to resistance bands and yoga mats, there are lots to check out.

Protein Powder

Just because you cannot go to the gym for the foreseeable future does not mean that you cannot use your on-the-go essentials. If you are used to getting a pre and post-gym protein shake or berry smoothie, you can certainly make them at home while your go-to smoothie shop is not in operation. VPA protein power is a must-have to get your muscle-building and recovery nutrients in. And, it is certainly okay to consume even without hitting the gym. However, consider adjusting the amount of protein you consume based on your workouts at home — regulating your macros goes a long way, after all.

Make things fun by making a fruit and greens smoothie and putting in a tablespoon or two of VPA protein powder. The extra chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and even coconut flavour will make your afternoon pick-me-up taste like ice cream.

Resistance Bands

You might not be able to store extra weights in your home. But there are alternatives you can use to help increase the difficulty of squats, lunges, sidekicks, and other leg and booty workouts. Resistance bands come in a variety of sizes and resistance levels, enabling you to alter the level based on what you are currently comfortable with. Consider picking up a pack online — they are small, can fit into any drawer, and offer a lot of workout possibilities.

Here is a quick workout tip: regardless of what workout you do, try finishing three sets to get the sweat rolling and muscles aching.

Yoga Mat

There are workouts you can do on your bed. But a soft and comfortable cushion is not the best for your back and motivation. Ideally, you want to do any lying-down workouts on a flat and even surface. This makes the yoga mat a must-have for anyone at any fitness level. They are widely available online and will allow you to do ab workouts, yoga practice, and stretches effectively. It will also prevent injury caused by bad posture, as the surface helps you maintain the correct body alignment. The best part? You can even take it to your backyard for a hint of sunshine and fresh air amid the coronavirus fiasco.

Muscle Roller

A muscle roller is a wonderful companion that will help you stretch out sore muscles, prevent overbulking, and relieve post-workout pains. Think of it as an intense massage for all your pain points — an essential, especially for your calves, thighs, arms, and back. If you cannot get a muscle roller delivered online, go for a tennis ball that lies somewhere at home. While the world is in a health crisis, staying fit and sane while being cooped up at home can be a challenge. However, giving priority to your physical health will do wonders to your psyche and optimism, and help you reach fitness milestones despite gym closures.

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