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Flowers are the perfect gift to express the love and care you have for your mother. There are so many special types of flowers which your mom might love to have. Women already are huge fans of flowers, so dedicating a bouquet to your mother will surely lighten up her mood and brighten up the special day.

Your mom deserves all your love especially on this day which is entirely dedicated to the amazing and beautiful moms of this world.

Show your love and compassion by gifting her these lovely blooms and fresh flowers to your first love, your forever together, your best friend and the biggest supporter of you- your mother. Thus we have mentioned some flowers below that will make her feel really special this mother’s day.


Roses are a traditional gift to show your love to somebody who you hold important in your life. Gifting a rose bouquet will surely make your mom’s heart melt.

You can choose from a different variety of roses available out there, starting from red or pink roses that express deep love and gratitude, white which symbolizes purity and respect as well as cream-colored roses which suggest thoughtfulness and compassion. These roses will surely make your mother feel special as she will decorate her room with these. You can either buy them for a florist shop or shop them online.


If your mom loved something colourful and lively then you must go for a bouquet made of mixed flowers. She will be more than happy after receiving these beautiful flowers. Such bouquet will consist of roses, lilies, pink and purple flowers, chrysanthemums and white carnations.

All these flowers in the bouquet will light up every corner of your house when placed. Thus, surprising your mother with such a bouquet along with a handwritten note would be the idle gift on Mother’s Day. So get ready to receive lots of hug from her side after gifting her something like this.


White carnations are flowers that started the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day. The person who started this tradition had sent 500 white carnations to every mother living West Virginia on her own mother’s death anniversary. Thus, this flowers are very special for mother’s day celebrations.

Other than white ones, pink carnations are also very beautiful and represent love. Surprising your mother with these carnations would be a great idea and will make her happy as ever.


Tulips are really expressive flowers and can convey different emotions. Such as purple tulips represent royalty while the red represent love, the pink ones convey affection while the white ones can be given to spread cheerfulness or convey your apologies. Tulips are really beautiful flowers and can surely bring a beautiful smile on your mother’s face. These flowers are available in a great variety so you must choose them according to your mother’s nature. A tulip bouquet will make your mother’s mood lighten up.


Peonies come in a variety of colours like white, pink, red and rarely purple too. These flowers give out a great sense of beauty and can prove as a great gift on Mother’s Day. These flowers can represent honour and good fortune so giving them out to your mother may be the right choice.

So, this Mother’s Day give this beautiful peony flower bouquet to your mother in order to make her feel special and valuable. Don’t you remember the times she has gifted you with stuff irrespective of the fact that it’s your birthday or not, the times when she gifted you your favourite piece of clothing like trendy Top Gun Jacket  and leather jackets? Now it’s your turn to repay all those things she has done for you, which is somewhat impossible, but a cute bouquet can prove to be a lovely gesture.


For mothers who are trendy and love exotic fashion, an orchid bouquet will be a great gift. These flowers are considered of high importance and come in different sizes and colors.

These are easy houseplants too so your mom can also place them indoors once you gift them these. You can either visit a florist shop or order these online. Orchids will surely make Mother’s Day special and memorable and its fragrance will cheer your mother up.

To make your mother feel special and important gift her these original and beautiful bouquet of flowers. You should at least once fulfill your duty of being a good daughter or son. Get your hands on this bouquet and make your mother feel blessed to have you in her life.

Mothers deserved all the happiness of this world, a happy Mother’s Day from our side too. I hope this article was helpful enough.


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