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It is an unsaid fact that we all get frustrated by our monotonous lives and crave for a break once a while. Just like that, even I was longing for a break from my work life and wanted to relax my mind, body, and soul. I planned a holiday with my friends to Amsterdam. 

We made reservations for the summer with Frontier Airlines as I have travelled with this airline multiple times and it has never disappointed me. There were 115 days left for our trip and unfortunately, we witnessed a mishappening. 

As the coronavirus is spreading at full pace, one of our friends who were a part of the journey got caught with the virus. We all were disheartened to hear that because of this sad situation. He has been admitted to the hospital, and there is no cure for the disease yet which is bothering all of us. We all are praying for his health and recovery. 

I initiated in cancelling the reservations because the trip won’t be the same if one person of the group is missing and we are aware that he is not in a good state. The thought will be stuck in our heads throughout the trip, so it was best to cancel the reservations. As I mentioned earlier, Frontier Airlines is quite flexible with the passenger, and I was aware of the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy as I have been a regular flyer with them because of business trips. I went to the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy page and performed the essential formalities to cancel the tickets.

 If you are unaware of the policy, then you can go through the following details to know the guidelines of the policy before beginning the cancellation process: Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy According to Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy, if the passenger has cancelled within the first 24 hours of the purchase, then s/he will not have to pay any cancellation fees. But if the passenger fails to cancel within the stipulated time frame, then he will have to pay the cancellation fee.

Frontier Cancellation fee: The Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy allows the travellers to cancel their ticket within (59 to 14) fifty-nine to fourteen days before the departure of the aircraft will be charged $49 as the cancellation compensation. Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy says that the customers who cancel their reservations within (13 to 8) thirteen to eight days before the departure of the aircraft will be charged $119 as the cancellation compensation.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy as per the type of ticket: Though the cancellation charge is determined on various factors like date of departure, point of departure, type of fare and more. The brief that I was able to grasp on the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy page has been summarised below for you: WORKS Tickets:

The flyers who have bought the Works bundled ticket will get the requested return by the likewise process of the purchase. The passenger that buys the tickets with the help of a credit card will get a refund on the respective card itself. This helps in making the refund method more convenient for both the traveller and the airline at the same time. Award Tickets: The travellers that buy the Award ticket and are willing to cancel their tickets will get the amount of refund after the deduction of the cancellation charges applied by the airline. The refund will be credited to the same amount with which the reservation was made.

 No show passengers: The Frontier Airline states clearly in it a policy that the passengers who do not show for their respective flights will neither be able to use the ticket for further use nor they will be entertained by the airline for any refund. There is no particular portal on the official website for the “No show passengers”, yet it is confirmed that such passengers will lose the entire amount spent on the ticket and will not get any assistance by airline on the refund. It is advisable to cancel the tickets before the departure of the flight rather than not turning up for the plane.

Check out for latest Fashion Trends Though we all are upset with the mishappening that occurred in our lives, some things are not in our hands. I am quite satisfied with the service delivered by Frontier Airlines as they understand the problem of the passengers and help them in such difficult times.

 This way, passengers like us can avoid more complications of cancelling and frustration. We were able to cancel the tickets in a hassle-free manner, and the refund was initiated within ten business days in our respective accounts. In case you are also willing to cancel your Frontier Airline reservations then visit the official website for the same.

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