Why Hair Transplant is the Best Solution for Hair Loss

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Many of us experience hair loss every day. Experts believe that we lose around 150 hair strands daily. This case is only usual. Once we reach the age of 60, about 80 percent of men suffer extreme hair loss.

There are many factors why we experience hair loss. One of the major causes of losing hair is genes. The male and female pattern hair loss is a good sample of hair problems. Health issues can also affect the strength of our hair. We can feel thinning of hair if we are:

  • Stress
  • Improper Diet
  • Pregnant and
  • Sudden changes in hormones

Today, many hair loss treatments are now ready in the market. It can help you to stop or at least slow down the hair loss problem. One of the most effective hair loss treatments you can try is hair transplant.

Today, we’re going to discuss hair loss and the reason behind it. Later, we will find out why hair transplant is the best treatment for hair problems.

Four Causes of Hair Loss

Below are some causes of hair loss for men and women.

  • Genes

Genes are considered the most common form of hair loss. In science, it is called androgenic alopecia or male and female pattern baldness.

For females, you can feel that your hair starts to become thinner. The hairline will stay intact.

For males, the obvious effect is that your hairline starts to recede. Also, your front hair will begin to look thin and weaker.

  • Age

Once you get older, you will notice that your hair will become thinner. It is because our cells are not working actively, making it hard to regenerate. As a result, it will significantly affect our hair.

  • Stressful Workplace

A stressful workplace can increase your risk of hair fall. It significantly affects our physical and emotional aspects, which may result in fragile hair.

  • Poor Diet

Experts prove that having a poor diet can lead to hair loss. Having a low level of iron and zinc inside your body affects the quality of your hair.

Hair Loss Treatment Solution

There are many ways on how to cure your hair loss. Below are some examples.

  • Avoid Stress

As much as possible, you have to avoid daily stress. Stress from work and family can affect the output of your most delicate hair.

  • Workout

Indoor and outdoor workouts are a beneficial way to improve your hair quality. It removes terrible toxins inside your body. They are making you feel fresh inside and out.

  • Hair Transplant

The best option for your hair loss problem is hair transplant treatment. It provides the most advanced system to solve your hair problem.

Although the hair transplant process is very pricey, it answers all your hair loss problems. A hair transplant defines the true meaning of quality over quantity.


Hair loss will result in a negative effect on us. However, with the aid of applied science, it will guide you to boost your confidence again.

If you wish to know more about hair restoration, visit the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre. Turn to the experts about various hair problems.

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