Secrets of high performing content

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Know why some content performs well, and others fall flat on their faces?

There should be something they’re doing right.

Content marketing best ways

Here are all the secrets you need to know about high-performing content. This is content that helps you rank, gets more leads, and generates money for you.

Let’s get started:

Use intent-based keywords

You want to attach content to the right goals. For that, you need the right kind of traffic. Traffic numbers don’t mean anything if people don’t take action.

You don’t want people just to read your content and leave.

If the content has to perform and hit significant goals, you need to make the traffic go through the marketing funnel and come out with conversions. That means being capable of finding keywords that perform well.

There are a few types of search intent. It could be navigational, informational, transactional, or anything else.

Here’s more info on the search intent types

Informational intent – With informational content, people are looking for answers to their questions or solutions for their problems.

If they have hair fall, they’re most likely looking for a solution to this problem that treats hair fall. They want to know if it can be fixed.

Navigational intent – With navigational search, people are looking for a specific company site. They might not readily be invested in purchasing products but want to spend time navigating on the site.

Investigational intent – With experimental intent people are looking for more in-depth research around products they are looking to buy. They want more information

They are looking at reviews and doing comparison studies to figure out what they want to purchase.

Transactional intent – With transactional intent, searchers are showing their readiness to make a transaction or purchase. They’re often very specific. They may be searching for coupons or prices. These searchers are very near to purchase.

Use keywords that add context to the desired action you want to initiate from them. 

If you want people to sign up as leads, you need to be seen as a trusted authority in your field. To that end, you should be content around the top of the funnel queries.

Target plenty of how-to keywords.

You need to speak about informational content and ultimately drive them to connect with you.

These right keywords with search intent can help you achieve your goals.

Make your headlines to be useful.

You know all about the different headline formulas and tools that might help you perform better than competitors.

In addition to all this, you also need the headlines to be useful to readers.

The headline shouldn’t be clickbait but should correctly talk about what the content holds for readers. Tell them the benefit of it if they keep reading. Does the headline use clickbait to get clicks? Ideally, it shouldn’t.

The headlines should set the reality about the content before the audience. And never let them down.

The content ideally is supposed to be relevant, and it should be trustworthy. That means you cannot afford to miss out on actual information even if the information isn’t savory to the reader.

Don’t mislead them.

This article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you what else to do if not clickbait.

Use powerful words. Use adjectives and action backed verbs to get people to take effect from you.

Don’t oversell or mislead people regarding the value of the content you’re providing them

Help people by showing the best results.

Better the flow of the content you write

It isn’t any longer enough that you put out content that’s good on intent. It would be best if you also had creative headlines and write the content in a manner that keeps people reading through the content.

Your writing should flow well. It should carry readers through the ebbs and flow of the content and deliver one point after the next end. Readers shouldn’t find themselves stumped reading through a few paragraphs.

There are plenty of well-meaning marketers and writers who can’t make a point. Their readers begin to droop off the minute they start reading. This is because the content is too blunt.

  • There are several problems
  • Incorrect formatting.
  • Paragraphs where there should be no paragraphs
  • No flow of thoughts
  • Formal tone
  • Content that rambles on

If you’re able to avoid these issues within your content, you should be able to attract an audience and keep them. The first and foremost thing to do is to be clear and direct.

Read useful blogs that tend to have high flow, and you will know how to do it yourself.

Use content marketing tools.

If you want your content to perform well, you can’t merely skimp on using quality tools to that end.

Several stats speak about the importance of content marketing. CMI’s research tells us that a third of the b2c marketing budget goes to content. Also, not all this content is used—most of this budget. Nearly 70% of the material that’s bought is never used. That could be due to shortcomings in collaboration.

The reasons? People forget to keep track of their content. The content isn’t optimized for SEO or engagement. It doesn’t drive revenue. Multiple challenges hamper what can be achieved with content.

It should help build close beneficial relationships with other marketers, you need to get links out of it, and there are several other benefits as well.

A great platform should address all challenges leveled at it and should help with the goals mentioned above.

Get help from the internal team.

Your internal team consists of many experts whose help you can take to improve content marketing efforts.

Your goal with content is to drive revenue by connecting with readers. To do this successfully, you need to find what they’re struggling with most. It would help if you had real relationships.

You need to know things they give importance to. Problems that need solutions for them. Also, the content should be beneficial. It should tell a story and reveal expertise.

This is only possible if you rely on internal experts and customer support teams to fully understand what your audiences want and what they’re struggling with most.

This is the hallmark of great content.

Focus on buyer journeys

Know this: each of your buyers has a journey that takes them from start to finish. People don’t function in isolation.

Split tasks cross-platform. Also, since different teams operate content, social media, and brand messaging that results in a fractured message being relayed. It would be best if you tied all aspects of brand messaging together strategically.

Your audience is always on the hunt for useful content that helps them where they are in their buyer journey. If your business in one particular location produces content that’s way different from your company in another place, all you’re doing is confusing your prospects.

Your prospects will turn to other places for answers if you don’t provide them with it.


Companies tend to lack resources that prevent them from accomplishing goals. There’s a gap between creation and success.

Content marketing, when done right, doesn’t use a load of resources and gets the job done.

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