6 Highest Paying Jobs that Need No Degree

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The moment life happens, it comes with quite a few challenges. Looking for a job and earning enough to provide for yourself and family is definitely among those challenges.

Not everyone is lucky enough to pay for education and graduate with an academic degree successfully. But that shouldn’t stop you from earning a livelihood.

Eric Gomes, a motivational speaker and academic writer associated with the brand MyAssignmenthelp, says, “Finding a job is not that difficult. You don’t necessarily require an academic certificate to prove your worth every single time. If you are truly talented, you will be noticed, sooner or later.” 

You need not be a rank holder or enroll yourself in certification courses to grab lucrative job opportunities down the road. Here are some great suggestions that will help you explore this facet further. Take note of the highest paying jobs the UK has to offer. Do you know what’s more exciting? You can bag these jobs without a degree. 

Here you go!

Cab driver :

Yes, you can support your academics and earn at the same time. When you get a degree to advance in life and career, driving cabs on a part-time basis could fetch you good bucks. All that is required is a driving license and good knowledge of traffic and the shortest routes in your area. Voila! You are good to go. 

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Earnings: £517 per week 

Sketch artist 

If you have a flair for sketching, then this could be your call. Sketch artists are in demand these days, especially in the United Kingdom. If you feel you have the power to visualize things from a creative perspective, then go for it. You won’t regret your decision a bit. 

Earnings: £32,500 per annum 

Air traffic controllers 

Well, you don’t need a degree to be a part of this profession. But you will require a three-years’ training to qualify in the selection process of the job. This is one exciting job where you learn so many things about air traffic control and every other technicality associated with it.

However, you must prepare yourself for the three-year training to obtain the air traffic control license from the National Air Traffic Services. 

Earnings: Up to £50,000 per month

Freelance photographer 

You can always start your professional journey as a freelance photographer. If you are passionate about photography and know how to capture beautiful landscapes, portraits, and other picturesque scenarios, give this profession a try. 


All you need is a camera. It need not be a DSLR right at the very beginning. You can start with point and shoot models and then move on to DSLRs once your efforts start getting noticed and rewarded.

Earnings: £22,186 per year


Even though entrepreneurship cannot be tagged as a job, but all’s well as long as you are earning from it. The CEO of EduBirdie leaped faith and began his journey as an academic content writer. His entrepreneurial abilities helped him achieve significant milestones and set up his online business, which is now running successfully for over a decade. 


You can always start your own business, work hard in establishing it, and have a great, financially stable career ahead. You can start with anything and everything which you feel is going to click for you.

From selling handcrafted T-shirts online to wall hangings, junk jewellery, and daily essentials; it’s an endless list.

All you need to do is to focus on your strengths and identify the things you are best at, accumulate capital required, and venture out with confidence. 

Earnings: Depends on the industry you are in, or the products and services you offer. 

Culinary expert 

At the base level, you need no degree to make your presence as a culinary expert felt among the crowd. All you need is talent. If you think you can create wonders at the kitchen and dishes are good enough to make people go gaga over your creations, then go for it. 

Thanks to the social networking channels such as YouTube and Facebook, you can make a video of the dish you prepare and upload it right away. That’s the power of the Internet in today’s world.

People will gradually start noticing you. Once you are famous, launch your own YouTube channel and hold interactive sessions to teach cooking, review dishes, and charge for the services you provide. Its easy money, pal! 

Earnings: If you are good at it, expect to earn up to £24,810 per month.

So, choose your cards well, prepare yourself for a job that falls under your niche and grab every fantastic opportunity that knocks on your door to make a decent living out of it.

Good luck, folks!

Author Bio: Ricky work as an academic reviewer associated with the online platform Essaycritics. He is dedicated to writing trusted essay reviews of various educational help forums. In addition to it, he is a freelance travel blogger and sketch artist, coming from Glasgow, the United Kingdom.


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