How Can We View Instagram On The Regular Web

Instagram is one of today’s most popular social platforms. The official mobile apps for iOS and Android devices allow users to capture or upload photos and videos plus interact with their followers and users. Instagram is primarily intended to be used through the official Instagram app from a mobile device, but it can also be accessed and used by web browsers. So if you really want to check out Instagram online from your mobile device’s phone, computer, or even web browser, here’s how to do that. CLICK HERE

Go For Instagram.com

In any web browser, you can visit Instagram.com and log in to your account or create a new account if you don’t have one already. You’ll be taken straight to your news feed tab once you’ve logged in, which has a similar style to what you’ll see on the mobile application.

You Can See News Feeds and Comments

As you click through the posts that your news feed shows you, you can interact with them almost exactly as you can on the app. Only look for the heart button, the comment line, or the bookmark button at the bottom of each article to like it, leave a comment, or save it to your pages. In the lower right corner, you can also click on the three dots to insert the post into a web page or flag it as inappropriate content.

You Can Find New User

You’ll see three icons at the top of the screen, one of which should look like a small compass. You can click this to see in the app a simpler version of the Explore tab with suggested users to follow and a few thumbnails of their latest posts.

You Can Edit Your Profile On Web

To view the web version of your Instagram profile, which closely matches what you see in the app, you can press the user icon at the top of the screen. In addition to your bio and additional details, you will see your profile photo along with a grid of your latest posts below. In addition to your username, there is also an Edit Profile button. To edit your profile information and other account details such as your username, approved applications, posts, email, and SMS settings, click this button.

To view it in full size, you can click on any image on your page. It is displayed the same way; individual post pages were always displayed online, but with the interactions occurring on the right-hand side of the post rather than below it. It is useful to know that for each profile, Instagram also has dedicated URLs. You can simply visit your web profile of Instagram or anyone else’s: https:/instagram.com/username.

You Can Check Your Interaction On Web

To open below it, pressing the heart button at the top of the screen will activate a small window, displaying a list of all your current interactions. You can scroll down to see them all in this little browser.

How To Post On Instagram Web

How to upload Instagram with a web browser, and here’s a way of posting from a desktop or laptop to Instagram that doesn’t include any third-party software or plugin installation. To access the new mobile site of Instagram, it uses a feature built into several modern web browsers. However, there are ways to upload directly from a computer. The way is to change your browser’s actions to make Instagram believe you’re using a mobile device to access it with the help of some software. 

Privacy Concern

When we have online profiles, and as long as your profile is available, anyone on the regular web will be able to access your profile and see all your images. You need to set your profile to private if you don’t want strangers to look at your pictures. Only users that you agree to follow will be able to see your pictures in the mobile app and on your online profile as long as they are signed in to the accounts that you have agreed to follow.

Drawbacks of Instagram On Web 

From a regular web browser, you can do a lot with Instagram, except for posting new content. There is currently no way to upload, edit, and post photos or videos from the internet to your account, so you need to download the Instagram app to a compatible mobile device if you want to do that or with some software available in the market.

You won’t connect to Facebook friends either, see posts you’ve connected to, set up two-factor authentication, control your blocked accounts, make your profile public/private, move to a company profile, clear your search history, and do a few other things you can only do through the app. Given some of the web-based drawbacks of using Instagram, it’s still great to know that you can quickly search your feed, discover new content, customize user settings, and connect with other users like you would from the phone. This can be a very helpful choice when small screens and touch keys begin to feel more like a challenge than a help.

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