How Do You Make a Gift Box Out of Cardboard?

We love exchanging presents, don’t we?

We use them to show our love and appreciation for the other person, and to present them a significant token to thank them for being part of our lives. Such a special moment needs an excellent gift item.

However, that item needs to be packaged into attractive and exquisite gift boxes to protect the details and make the presentation of the gift more beautiful. These boxes are usually available in stores and can be bought easily.

However, if you want to go out of the way and do something special, you can make the gift box yourself and use it to present your gift.

How to make a cardboard gift box?

It is effortless and fun. We have made a list of steps that you can follow to create the perfect packaging for your token of appreciation. Just follow these steps and have fun making something that will help you stand out:

  1. Get your hands on these materials: a good quality thick cardboard sheet, a ruler, pencil or pens, markers or crayons, acrylic paint, or chart paper of any other thing that you will be using to wrap the box in, glue. You will also require some items to decorate the table.
  2. Get started: first, you need to know what size of the box you are aiming for, and draw an outline of the base of the box. Once done, you can measure the dimensions, to what length of cardboard you need to cut. Let’s suppose you are going for a 3’x3’ box. Cut two squares of that length from the sheet. Then repeat the same exercise for the sides of the box. You can keep the dimensions around 3’x2’. Cut four rectangles of that size from the sheet. Now you have the basic structure.
  3. Glue it together: take some strong adhesive and glue these sides together to create a box shape. Make sure that the glue dries appropriately. Check the adhesiveness by shaking the box, once the glue has dried. You might want to smoothen the surfaces by rubbing them with sandpaper to give a better feel to the table.
  4. Wrap it up: once you have the basic box structure, you need to proceed to the next stage. You can use a variety of materials and techniques to wrap the box. You can use velvet, burlap, or satin, to give the table a luxurious feel. However, you can also use colored paper, wallpaper, or sticky chart paper. Make sure that you trim the edges very nearly, and smooth out any wrinkles and bubbles in the layers, or it will ruin the effect. If you think that this is too much effort, you can go ahead and paint the surface over with acrylic paint. Now you have a basic decorated box that you can further customize. You need to cover the inner and outer layers of the box, or you can use pure foam lining for the inside of the box. It is up to you.
  5. Decorate it: this is the last stage of making the perfect gift box. And there can be no specific guidelines that you have to follow. You have a blank canvas that you can decorate in any way that you wish. Paste little glass circles, colorful beads, or any other material to give it texture. You can use paint to make patterns and designs on the box. You can also use ornaments to provide it with an aesthetically pleasing touch. Don’t limit your imagination and beautify the container. However, do not overdo it, as it does not look good.
  6. Final touches: place the lid on the box. Seal it up with tape. Wrap a big ribbon around it and make a cute little bow on top. You can attach 3-D floral patterns, as well. Lastly, attach the card to the box, using a colorful string, and write whatever it is that you wish to say to the person through the gift. There, you have the perfect box which you can use to make your donation stand out.

It is not difficult to make items using cardboard. It is one of the most versatile packaging material that is available in the market. You can also go ahead and buy gift boxes on wholesale rates from any store and gift shop. But that is what everyone does.

Presents are supposed to make the recipient feel special. And what better way to do that by giving them a package that you have made with your own hands, and have made an effort for?

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