How My New Business And Office Gave Me Wings

Graphic designing had not always been my dream, but when I went to university, I met with some graphic designers and realized that I liked what these people did. So after completing one semester, I changed the course of my studies from learning web design to learning graphic designing.

At first, my parents and even my granny was shocked at my sudden change of plans, but when I explained to them the concept that I had in mind regarding what I could do with graphic designing, they calmed down a bit. I had always had a creative mind, but this course was a challenge for me because it needed a lot of neatness and practice in using the tools. The more you practice in my field, the better you get at it. So I drilled hard and polished my skills with additional courses.

By the time I was in the third year, I was a pro at using photoshop and other such tools, which could also help me in logo designs and stuff. I had worked with a few clients as a freelancer, but slowly and gradually, my mind had decided to take a more significant step and set up my own office where I could practice my skill and earn some good money out of it. I was also doing the country a favor by creating more entrepreneurship opportunities for the people around me.

So slowly and gradually, I started looking for an office space where I could make 4 to 5 people sit and work. This was the initial plan. Soon I found a place where I could easily adjust eight people, and it also had a small kitchen with it. So after I was done looking for a place, I started the hiring process for three people. My friend and I were going to run the show on our own, and this was indeed a mitigating factor in this whole process. We had invested our money equally in this office, and we expected great results from it. So when we had confirmed the people we would work with after a tiring hiring process, we decided to buy the furniture for our office.

We decided to keep it super casual because our comfort zone mattered to us a lot. We also wanted our employees to feel comfortable. The cost of the furniture that we had seen in the shops was too expensive, and we were not in the stage to invest a lot in assets at the moment. It wasn’t until my friend came across a website by the name of gutscheinkiller.de. This website was like a knight in shining armor for us. We found Otto gutschein on this website, which was a total surprise and a big treat for us.  We ordered most of our furniture online from this website, and the ottogutschein helped us in reducing our costs. 

We enjoyed our shopping experience because we literally bought all the furniture while sitting at home. Once the whole place was set, we started working, and within a month, we got different projects. In six months, we had ten people working for us, and we still needed more people because the workload was too much. We had to look for a new place, and when we did, we bought our furniture again from gutscheinkiller.de through otto. This business we started was a small step, and today in two years, we’ve reached such heights of success that it is sometimes unbelievable. We now have around 70 people working for us, and our graphic designing firm is well known in the area.

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