How to avoid competitors that hurt our website by bad links?

In recent years the entire SEO industry has been transformed into another level. As a result, many marketers have changed their strategy in ranking high in Google for competitive keywords. Black hat SEO has become more and more challenging to execute the results, so a new type of SEO has surfaced, which is knows as Negative SEO.

What is happening!!

When your website is under attack, Negative SEO is described as a word, in layman terms, it’s an attempt to destroy your site rankings by directly attacking your site. It is sporadic to see negative SEO, which is admitted by Google itself, and a best SEO firm says that it is difficult to destroy site rankings. But on the other side, it is plausible there are many websites which are attacked by Negative SEO from their rivals so that they can gain by reducing their rankings in organic search.

What do you mean by negative SEO?

Negative SEO describes that a website is under high attack to destroy website rankings. It is a rare case, and it is not that much easier to destroy site rankings. There is a list of websites that are attacked by negative SEO, and hence there is a lowering of competitor’s rankings in terms of organic search. 

Links farms and Spammy Backlinks 

Off-page SEO has been well in the field, so attackers use this off the page and on-page SEO to hurt a site. When spam sites are recognized by Google, its algorithm analyzes it and moves the website automatically to a lower position. Quickly found out websites are not a problem, but the problem is with the sites which are not identified by Google.

A Link Farm is a group of websites that are assigned to increase the page rank of another website by connecting its back page search engine ranking. Black hat SEO also uses this technique to rank particular keywords that are considered to be financial to the website. Attackers also use the same link farm trying to manipulate search engine results by linking back to the site from multiple sources.

The solution: link Monitoring and Disavow files

The best solution is to get a negative backlink campaign before it spreads desolation on the website. Without a proper monitoring process, it might take some time before recognizing a drop in traffic, including rankings caused by suspicious backlinks harming SEO. Typically, the spammers build the campaigns, causing damage to your web pages. It is better to keep an eye for this type of activity. Prevention is a primary key when it comes to the pointing of wrong links to a brand, and hence it is helpful by keeping an eye on the backlink profile. There are many possibilities to explore competitor backlinks by using reliable tools.

 In case if a spammer is processing an SEO campaign against the brand, then submit a disavow file by giving details about attacking domains. The primary submission through Google Search Console instructs Search Engine to ignore links that are producing from bad domains. So it does not affect your rankings at any cost. Even though it solves the complicated overall issues, it is not a onetime fix. It is most important to monitor and repudiate spammy links as they keep on appearing. 

Trashed Content duplicated across the web

Most of the Content scrapers take the Content and repost as their unique one. In Google, several algorithms have designed to identify whether it is original Content or a copied one. There are two significant reasons for spammers that scrape entire Content. Fits, a low-quality website, want to polish its Content by copying it from others. In this world of content marketing, it takes time to write quality SEO content, including a blog post. This type of attack can create a great shock for content creators who view work instantly discredited, and it is utilized against them. 

Solution: Producing Infringement Report

The first initial step is to discover duplicate content, and sometimes it is possible that an editor did not realize the Content was stolen, mainly if it works with guest editors. In case if the Content was stolen viciously, the webmaster refuses to believe Content is original. One can also report scratch content to make sure that a person is an innovative publisher and not damaging SEO through duplicate content penalties. 

Hacked websites and Malware Attack

There is a list of hacking techniques used to process negative SEO. In case if a hacker breaks a website, it might be unnoticed. They mainly target old blog articles or make minute changes on the latest web pages that process damage to a website. Other tactics include adding of low-quality Content to web pages, replacing original Content with duplicate content, replacing links to drive web pages, removing images, and hiding several changes in HTML code, etc. 

Solution: Admin Monitoring 

By auditing the performance of a website, it is feasible to keep track of changes on web pages. There is a list of warnings one should look for, such as a spike in traffic to web pages, an influx of backlinks, and keyword rankings rise for irrelevant keywords. The above-listed ones are the result of the displeased contributor. The spammers might upset employees who wish to turn at an employer. If a contractor did not revoke access entirely, then they can destroy the website. 

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