How to Convert Website Designs to WordPress Code?

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The process of converting website designs into WordPress codes is simple than what most people think it to be. It is a process that involves the conversion of HTML websites into WordPress. There are a large number of ways in which you could convert your website design into a WordPress code. The most commonly used methods are as follows:

  • Converting the Design in HTML format to WordPress manually
  • Converting using child theme
  • Converting using a plugin

Converting the Design in Html Format to WordPress Manually

This method is the most complicated method for the conversion of website design into a WordPress code. As the name suggests itself, under this method everything related to the process has to be done manually. All the processes have to be started from ground level. All the details of the old HTML website have to be put manually into the new WordPress website.

The users have to copy the entire details of the old website into a new WordPress style sheet. The users have to make a lot of changes and differences in the original website.

This method takes a lot of time and cannot be used by people who are not well versed in coding and its technicalities.

Converting Using Child Theme

This is a comparatively easier method of conversion. In this method, already designed themes are available. As the name suggests, just like a child the themes in this method are rooted in the original themes. The original themes are known as parent themes and the sub-themes are known as child themes.

In this method, the user has to edit the data in the already available theme. The work is less complicated and easier. The users are just required to perform the changes in the themes and paste them to the WordPress style sheet later on.

This method can be used by people who have little knowledge about the designing process. However, the themes are customizable as these could be modified as per the new requirements of the user.

Converting Using A Plugin

Plugins are the already available additional items that are provided by the websites. It is the simplest and the easiest way in which a website could be converted into a WordPress code.

For this method, you have to launch the plugin. Then you have to copy the HTML from the original website and paste it into the plugin. It will instantly convert the design into a WordPress code, and you will be able to get a brand-new website after launching the same.

Although you could do this job on your own, there is some Sketch to WordPress conversion service that is available in the market. These service providers do the task of conversion on your behalf. For that time, you could focus on the other things and specify your exact requirements from the completed conversion process. Hiring a service provider for this purpose will save you time and reduce the chances of minor mistakes. The service providers work as per your directions and will take care of all your requirements. 

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