How to Crack NEET 2020 Examination In First Attempt – Best Preparation Tips From Exam Experts

When it comes to being a part of one of the most prominent medical colleges in India. ‘How to crack NEET Examination’ is something that every student is curious about it. Every year millions of students around the country fill the form of NEET examination to be enrolled in one of the prestigious medical colleges in India. So, Every year, what makes a topper of the test to stand out from the rest of the league? Well, we tell you how you can efficiently work it out to crack the NEET examination in the first attempt.

Key To Success Is To “Start Early”

A simple question here is why to start early? Every year students appear for the NEET entrance exam, but due to limited time between school passing and the examination makes it difficult for students to prepare for it if you are thinking to study in that time-frame. It merely means that if you are giving time for the preparations from early, you can easily cut-off half the competition of students giving the same examination. In my view, 7-8 months are enough for studying for the exam if your basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are 70-80% per cent clear.

But if you are looking for a teacher or a coaching centre for the preparations you can opt for that also as parents nowadays sending their kids to coaching at an early age as 15 years for the developments so you can see how much competition you will face during the exam. The choice of getting in coaching or not it’s all up to you because there are many cases where students have cracked the exam only with self-studying, but the only thing is how much hard work you are willing to do during the preparations.

N.C.E.R.T Books Is Must

There are several books by different authors in the market today, which claim to be the finest when it comes to NEET examination preparation. They are nothing but a gimmick which will do nothing but increase the pressure of completing it. You must remember that NEET examinations are given by all sorts of economic classes of society, whether poor or rich. So, examination master will always make a paper that is best suitable for anyone who has the basic knowledge of N.C.E.R.T as most of the article is made through NCERT books only.

NEET does not take reference while making examination pattern through any coaching centre or well-renowned author’s book; instead, it focuses on the basic syllabus which goes on throughout the nation. So, studying through NCERT books and firstly gaining the necessary knowledge through it will help you way better than a foreign author’s book or coaching material.

Try Doing Previous Year Questions

By doing last year’s question paper, you will get to know the difficulty pattern of the NEET examination. If you are thinking of cracking the NEET exam, then you should surely consider looking over these previous year question papers. While practising, you will firstly get to know the pattern of the examination. Secondly, the fact that you are trying these after some preparations you will get to see if you are doing the right qualifications or not. What is the best way of solving these questions is that you should not jump into for answering the previous papers instead study the basics of NCERT books first and go for topic wise questions rather than full syllabus. In that way, you will get to know whether the item you are studying has a significant part in NEET or not. You don’t have to waste time whose questions are hardly asked in the last five years rather spend those precious time on other essential topics preparing.

Test Yourself 

One of the best ways to test yourself in time to time basis is to take the mock test, and by accepting these tests doesn’t mean you should sit for whole day spending doing all the questions. You should try the paper the right way like you are giving the real NEET Exam and after that, evaluate whether you are improving from the last time or not.

It is often said that you should take your first mock test once you have studied about 70-80% per cent of the syllabus and then take it in strict regular intervals. Don’t worry if you are score is less in your first mock test because here the main thing is learning from the mistakes and improving on a timely basis.

It’s All About Clearing Your Doubts

We have seen many students are scared to ask doubts from teachers thinking other students or teacher will judge you. But you should know it is only about you in the end because your teachers or your classmates will not make your future. So, don’t hesitate and be curious about everything. As Albert Einstein once said and we quote “I have no special talents. I’m only passionately curious” so be BE CURIOUS.

These are a few tips that will help you for preparing for the NEET Examination but remember that no time is more or less it’s all about utilizing the time efficiently. 

Many people go on to study MBBS in China and many similar countries which have a significant sector of medicine so to get a new evolving research knowledge from the state. So, don’t fear and give your best shot in NEET Examination because it doesn’t matter if it’s not any prominent college of India you have dozens of options for becoming a good doctor because at the end of your life aim should be becoming a good doctor.   

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