How to Download Videos and Images from Instagram

Whenever we are watching Instagram videos and images, we see something we want to download to share on our social networks, WhatsApp, or just to have saved on our cell phone or computer.

 So that we can help you right now, we have selected several websites and tools created so that we can download these contents from Instagram. Check out some of the main ones:

[Android] Insta Download – Video & Photo

Insta Download allows you to download videos and images from INSTAGRAM links. By copying the image and video link and pasting it into Inst Download, which automatically downloads the video/image, you can save it to your device, upload it to INSTAGRAM, share FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and other social networks.

[iOS] Rapid Save

Virtually the same as Insta Download. Download videos and images from Instagram through the link.

[PC] IG Video Downloader

Download Instagram recordings and photographs in HD quality.

Would you like to download Instagram videos, photos in high-resolution format? Download the best quality Instagram videos and photos with this site “Save Instagram Video.”

How to download Instagram Image and Video Online?

Download photos and videos from Instagram to all your devices, such as pc, computer, mac, phone, iPhone, or Android.

To download photos or videos from Instagram, paste the Instagram URL (Image or Video) in the text box above and click the Download button for instant download.

The image and video download link will be displayed on the same page.

Just click on the “Download” button to save the photo or videos.


  • Go to instagram.com, find the Instagram image or video you want to save.
  • Now copy that URL from the Instagram photo or video.
  • Paste the copied URL from Instagram into the “IG Video Downloader” text box and click the “Download” button.
  • Download image or video

Consistently, a great many videos and photographs are posted on Instagram. This makes it the most well-known photograph application on the planet. You usually discover pictures that you necessarily need to keep. Obviously, you can spare photographs in the app with a print screen choice with your telephone. In any case, at last, you may likewise need to save the picture to your Smartphone or PC. Ideally, in high goals. Take a stab at following the means beneath to download photographs, recordings, and stories from Instagram in HD quality.

Is it illegal to download photos from Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of the application to store photos on your smartphone or computer. Instagram only contains the function to save images, tag them. If you doubt that you can download a picture, always ask the right owner for permission.

[Android] Video Downloader for Instagram

Want to download or resend Instagram and Vine video and image posts? Now it’s simple! You only need Video Downloader for Instagram. With it, you can easily copy Instagram and Vine hashtags.

 With a single click, Video Downloader for Instagram will help you download or resend posts from your favorite videos and images to Instagram and Vine. And it’s 100% FREE.


Paste the URL of the Instagram image or video in the field above to download Instagram Videos.

 Sometimes you want to re-post or save the Instagram video you find on Instagram. That’s why Downloader4insta was created, so you can easily download videos from Instagram, save them, and store them on your computer. Downloading videos from Instagram has never been more accessible to our friendly website. It works on mobile too!

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