How to Maintain Skin to Stay Beautiful and Healthy

How to Maintain Skin to Stay Beautiful and Healthy – Maintaining skin beauty is one of the tasks of women. Not only is it good for beauty, but well-maintained skin also reflects the positive things in you. The question; whether to get beautiful skin requires a high cost or intensive care from a beautician?

Actually, to get healthy skin does not need to go to a dermatologist. There are several ways that you can do or add yourself to your daily routine. Just follow the way to maintain the beauty of the skin below.

Cleaning the Face and Using the Food

The first way to maintain skin beauty is to clean the skin from dirt and bacteria regularly. We recommend that you clean your face using warm water at least twice a day in the morning and evening before going to bed. Be sure to remove makeup at night first.

Choose facial cleansing products that do not contain soap and fragrance and are made from natural. It is also necessary to use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and contains SPF to provide protection from sun exposure.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Do you often drink alcohol? If so, you should stop the habit. Alcohol can damage the skin by making collagen production decrease, making your skin dehydrated, and making skin look dull. Alcohol can also damage the body’s organs, which actually has the role of removing toxins in the body.

How to Keep Skin Healthy?

When the liver is damaged, toxins in the body will accumulate and cannot be disposed of properly. The impact will make the skin dull or blotchy. Consuming alcohol can also damage reduced collagen production, making your skin regeneration not optimal.

Avoid Smoking 

The next way to maintain healthy skin is by not smoking. Smoking is not only bad for the health of the body, but also for the skin. In cigarettes contained more than 4,000 harmful chemicals. Some of the bad effects for the skin trigger the appearance of signs of premature aging, making the skin dry, rough, and dull. In addition, the movement of facial muscles when smoking also facilitates the appearance of fine lines, especially in the area near the lips. Furthermore, smoking can break down collagen, which results in reduced skin elasticity and damaged skin cells.

Control Stress

Stress can indirectly stimulate the adrenal glands that are able to produce cortisol. This hormone is the main stress hormone that triggers the production of oily fat from the sebaceous glands. If the skin has too much oil, the skin pores can be closed and trap bacteria that cause acne.

Consuming Healthy and Nutritious Foods

How to maintain healthy skin from the inside is to eat healthy and nutritious foods. These good habits can make your skin look beautiful and stay young. Eat healthy foods, especially those that contain vitamin C, collagen, and vitamin E.

Sleep Enough The effects of lack of sleep can make your healthy skin look tired and dull. Besides, lack of sleep also triggers the emergence of blackened eye bags under the eyes.

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