How To Make Brewed Coffee Wild And Strong?

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Ten million decades back, that the Coffea trees grew wild in the mountain slopes of southwestern Ethiopia and continue to rise there under populous states.

However to this daythere are java ceremonies. They brew it collect and shake the beans and pour a cup for everybody at a predetermined sequence.

After Dutch dealers observed that, they became popular by it. They ended up boosting that java. French missionaries observed just how amazing and lovely this beverage was brought it during Africa and into the Americas.

Coffee, now, is increased on 4 distinct continents and in 70 nations where you’ll come across shrubs as well as their cherry. Not only will farmers be seen by you, but also people who and pickers process the java from fruit. The roasters that deliver java and ideal the beans drinkers.

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How To Make Brewed Coffee Wild And Strong?

When we speak about brewed coffee, we usually mean either Arabic coffee or Turkish coffee

Both are made in a special coffee pot – kezveh for Turkish coffee and Dalla for Arabic coffee.

These traditional coffee pots are made in either copper, brass ibrik or in the new version of stainless steel.

The coffee is poured into a small glass called Finjaan. It is very similar in size to an espresso cup.  

Arabic or Turkish coffee is made in many different ways depending on where it is brewed, and there many ceremonies around the serving and drinking of the coffee.


  • The Bedouins do not allow the woman to make the coffee – it is the only house work the men actually do in their tents (Harmon).
  • As a guest in an Arab house, it is very rude to refuse coffee, as it is a symbol of hospitality.
  • The Turkish claim that their coffee is totally different from the Arab style, but around the world, the differences fade away.
  • The Greeks call their own coffee Greek coffee, and it’s exactly similar to Turkish coffee!

Brewed coffee is the best way to make coffee (in nature). When making brewed coffee, the first and most important thing is the coffee itself.

Usually it is mixed with other herbs such as cardamom, dried coriander and sometimes chicory.


  • You must use the finest grinding – 1 mm.
  • In the traditional way, a mortar and pestle is used instead of a grinder.
  • You can also buy the coffee ready made and ground and we recommend buying only authentic Arabic coffee or authentic Turkish coffee. Then you could taste the differences – if they exist.

So I’ll give you my brewed coffee receipt, based on years of making coffee in the fields, on the advice of my nature oriented friends.

Put cold water only in the coffee pot and heat it up on a low fire.

When you see small water bubbles, add a full pregnant spoon of coffee for each cup (around 100 cc) and stir it in one direction so all the coffee is being used.

After a while the coffee will foam and overflow the pot. Take the foam off with a spoon and pour it into the cups.

At this point you can add sugar, although I strongly recommend leaving out the sugar. If you do add sugar, add it while the coffee pot is off the fire.

Put the coffee pot back on the flame and remove it before it spills over again.

Knock the coffee pot gently and wait for approximately 30 seconds. Replace the pot again on the fire and off again before the coffee spills. Then the coffee is ready.

The result should be a small strong and a bit bitter coffee, like we like it…

After you finish, you can call a fortune-teller to read your future by looking at the grounds in your cup. I hope you will have good results.

To Sum Up How To Make A Nice Brewed Coffee:

1. Put water in the coffee pot (Kezveh or Dalla) on a low flame.

2. When you see small water bubbles, add one heaped coffee spoon for each cup.

3. Stir the coffee in one direction.

4. When the coffee begins to rise, take the coffee pot off the fire.

5. Put the coffee foam into the cup (Finjaan) with a spoon.

6. This is the time to add sugar (if you are a sissi).

7. Put the coffee back on the fire.

8. Take it off when the coffee is boiling.

9. Knock the coffee pot on any surface.

10. Put the coffee pot back until it floats up again.

11. Take it off.

12. Pour the coffee into the cups


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