How to Protect Your Hair from Breakage?

Hair breakage split ends, and brittle hair is the kind of hair damages that we often face in day to day routine. Though having a good hair day is not easy at all, but damaged and dry hair makes it all the harder to achieve. So, it becomes obvious to wonder how to protect hair from breakage? We have the answer to your question. Just give a shot to the remedies and solutions listed below in this article to prevent hair breakage and make your strands soft and lustrous.

When your hair produces split ends and shorter hair strands due to the breakage of your hair shafts, it is known as hair breakage. It usually occurs because of damaged hair and dry scalp, giving us many more reasons that direct hair breakage. The causes are:

  • Lack of moisture in hair results in dry scalp and hair damage, which can lead to hair breakage.
  • The most important and common reason for hair breakage is the constant use of hard water on it, which damages the hair completely.
  • The heat-producing appliances are hazardous for hair as they leave no chance to make your hair damage, and due to the excessive heat, hair starts to fall apart.
  • Hair processing or coloring is another method to make hair damage and result in breakage. As these processes use high-level of chemical in the treatment, results in hair breakage and damage completely.
  • Usage of the cotton pillow, which can be hard for hair, is another reason for hair breakage.
  • One should also stop tying their hair in a towel after showering it as also give outcomes like hair breakage and damage.

Well, it is obvious that no one wants brittle and damaged hair. Your hair is your crowning glory, as they play a vital role in enhancing your look as well as personality, which is why it becomes necessary to protect it and save your glory with the help of following precautions.

Give Vitamins

Vitamins E, C, D3, and biotin work exceptionally well to enhance the overall quality of your hair and gives perfect health to it. To make your hair healthy and maintain its good shape, it is necessary that its follicles get proper blood supply and nutrition. Where Vitamin E plays a significant role by making your hair keratin smooth and strong, Vitamin C produces collagen, which helps your hair to form blood vessels and improve its growth. Vitamin D3 makes hair silky and shiny, and biotin is essential for hair growth, and its deficiency results in hair fall. 

Use the right products

You should always opt for the right products for your hair according to your hair type and problems. There are numerous products available in the market, which can help you to get rid of hair breakage and hair fall problems. Aunt Jackie’s instant detangling therapy is one of them. It not only helps you to repair hair breakage and damaged hair but also adds a wonderful shine and luster to it. You should conduct shampoo and conditioner procedure in the right manner to solve the problem of hair breakage. 

Oil your hair regularly

The oils like sweet almond, castor, olive, thyme, coconut, and jojoba works wonder on hair and have the ability to transform your dry, brittle or damaged hair into a silky, smooth and healthy one. Give the regular oil therapy to your damaged hair and witness the magic it creates.

So, just follow the causes and precautions mentioned in this article to prevent hair breakage and hair damages. Give your personality an enchanting impact with shiny, long, and healthy hair that attracts everyone’s attention at every event.

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