8 Ways on How to Get Traffic on Your Website Faster?

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So, you are a beginner in the new world of entrepreneurs that are trending across the globe. You have started a business and build yourself an attractive and interactive website.

Thanks to this digital storefront, we don’t need to rely on a brick-and-mortar store today. But, what about attracting more loyal and genuine traffic to your website? How successful are you in boosting your web traffic? 

Many entrepreneurs and even well-settled business people struggle to achieve increased traffic to their website. And, there’s nothing wrong in seeking professional help.

However, at the same time, you should also know about the process professional digital marketers use to bring you authentic web traffic. After all, it is your website you are seeking transportation too!

In this blog, we have brought you the answer to the most asked question to digital marketers, “how to get traffic to your website faster?”. Let’s begin!

How to get traffic to Your Website Faster?

Create a Google My Business Listing

Did you think an optimized Google My Business listing can get you seven times more visits than one that’s left incomplete?

Make sure you create a well-optimized Google My Business listing with all the required information for your potential leads. In doing so, you might even get direct contacts through this page and not just visitors. When people get the required information on Google My Business, they contact you directly without paying a visit to your website, which is even better!

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Build Backlinks

To increase your website traffic, you can create healthy, high-authority backlinks to your websites. Getting Backlinks from industry influencers or complementary businesses will help you reach out to a broader audience and help you drive genuine traffic to your site. Moreover, Google trusts string backlinks, so trust your business too when trusted sites are linked to your site. 

Perform on-page SEO

When you have your website optimized well, the chances of getting more visitors increases. How? When there is a meta description below your URL, the visitor gets an idea about your page and that useful information will make them click on the URL and land on your website, thus, more visitors! Implement such SEO techniques to drive organic traffic. However, you need to be patient to see the desired results. 

Post on Social Media

Social media is the most popular free online marketing platform in this modern and digitized world. You can use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to promote your brand through blog posts, infographics, PPTs, and more.

Social media marketing

This helps you expand your social media audience that eventually results in more potential leads and visitors to your site. Keep in mind that you create useful content for the users to ensure quality results.

Add hashtags to your posts.

Hashtags are the most trending ay of searches today. On adding hashtags to your social media posts, you increase the chances of appearing in the searches, and that will make your visitors end up to your website pages you target in the posts. Now you know why people use a series of hashtags in their promotional posts!

Target long-tail keywords

Undoubtedly short-tail keywords are searched more often, but it is also true that ranking them is difficult. When you target a long-tail keyword, you can rank higher in less time than target short-tail keywords.

You can show up on the first page of Google with a long-tail search term/keyword, which is directly proportional to your web traffic! You can use the numerous free tools available online to find relevant and high-volume, low-competition, long-tail keywords for your business.

Google Search Advertising

One of the most popular and tested paid ways to boost web traffic is Google search advertising. By investing in Google Ads, you get your website to show on top of the search results for specific keywords.

When a user enters a query using those search terms or keywords, Google looks at the accounts bidding on that keyword and rank based on relevancy and quality of the advertisement.

Paid search results are the ones you see on top of the result pages. It is the perfect exposure when you want to generate after traffic to your website. You only need to pay when a person/user clicks on your website URL. 

Google Map Advertising

Another paid method is Google Map Advertising, where you can select preferences via the Google Ads platform. This enables your rand to show up at the top of the search results of Google Maps.

There will be an indicator next to the listing showing that it is a paid result, just like in the case of Google Search Advertising. But, the exposure of this paid result is invaluable.


Now that you know about how to get traffic to your website faster, we hope you can choose an authentic and beneficial way to reach the desired spot (which is usually the first position) on Google search results.

You should always seek professional help from the best SEO agency in Kolkata to ensure increased traffic and brand value.

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