Is it a good idea to use ‘NativeScript-Vue’ for mobile app development?

With the increased evolution of technology, mobile application development is not restricted to some standard platforms only. Behind the increased feasibility of using mobile applications, there are more flexible platforms and frameworks for building mobile apps. Native Script is one of them.

Native Script

It is an open-source framework for developing genuinely native mobile applications of iOS and Android using JavaScript. It can also use another programming language that transposes Java Script such as, TypeScript. NativeScript is based on the idea of “write once and run everywhere.” It supports Angular and Vue JavaScripts frameworks. Mobile applications developed with NativeScript are purely mobile apps, unlike Phone Gap (Hybrid framework), which uses WebView for rendering the user interface of a mobile application. NativeScript uses the platform’s engine to provide a truly native user experience, which means it has a set of widgets that are translated into native iOS or Android widgets at runtime. 


What is Vue? It is a progressive and lightweight framework for developing user interfaces of mobile applications. Unlike other monolithic frameworks such as Angular, Vue is a highly adaptable and flexible framework. The core library of Vue is focused on the view layer only and is flexible to integrate with other libraries and existing projects. Moreover, it allows adding NPM (Package manager for JavaScript) modules in the mobile app development project. Also, Vue can operate sophisticated Single-paged Applications. It has a library of 20KB, which is considered to be small-sized, but it contains enough powerful capabilities to make it the best substitute for Angular and React. Vue contains many features such as

  • Virtual DOM (Document Object Model, an application programming interface (API))
  • Construction of templates
  • Event handling (occurrence of action)
  • Reactive and modifiable view components
  • Computed Properties
  • Focused core library


NativeScript-Vue is a Native Script plugin that allows the mobile app developer to use Vue.js for Native Script app development. The combination of NativeScript and Vue.js is a perfect pair for developing great mobile applications. There are two basic requirements before starting Native Script app development

  • Working with few commands in Native Script CLI (command line interface) and basic working of iOS simulator and Android Virtual Devices.
  • I am learning of Native Script user interface components.

Using NativeScript-Vue is a generic solution for the development of native mobile applications due to the following reasons. 

  • It is an excellent approach to experience web framework into a mobile user interface.
  • It allows JavaScript to be executed on mobiles. 
  • Native Java or Objective-C classes can be represented from equivalent JavaScript code. 
  • Native widgets can also be built from JavaScript. 
  • Native Script can access Android SDK’s Java classes and iOS SDK’s Obj C classes directly from JavaScript.
  • It allows the developer to use the same syntax for everyday tasks like data binding and event handling.
  • It only requires the developer to have an understanding of two primary programming languages that are JavaScript and HTML.
  • It is synchronous.

Preferring the NativeScript app development framework over other platforms because it provides significant scalability for businesses as there is no issue with multiple users on your application. It is highly adaptable as it allows integrating with big projects for front-end development. It does not have any copyrights concerns, as it is under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology license (MIT license), a permissive free software license. 

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