Is Your Bridging Visas For Australia Is Expiring? Take Help Of Migration Lawyers Perth

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As the name suggests, a bridging visa basically bridges the gap between your expired and new Visa. Factually, there are different types of Australian visas. These include student visas, employment visas, holiday visas, parent visas, and many more. However, it may happen that you need to stay in Australia for some time more, and your substantive Visa has expired. That is the time when you need to apply for a bridging visa. 

What a bridging visa allows you to do?

A bridging visa actually allows the visa holder to stay lawfully in Australia once their existing Visa expires. And, you will need this Visa indispensably until you receive a new form of your relevant Visa from the Doha. And, the Department of Home Affair (Doha) validates the duration of your bridging for a specific period. This implies that even if your new visa application gets refused, your bridging visa will still remain valid. Hence, you will able to stay in Australia until the expiration of your bridging visa, no matter what.

How many bridging visas are there? 

Well, there are six types of bridging visas in total. These include Bridging Visa, A, B, C, D, E, and F. A comprehensive information related to each of them can be considered below. 


Bridging Visa A subclass 010 (BVA): Also called BVA, you can apply for a bridging visa A whilst staying in Australia. However, your current Visa should remain valid when you apply for this Visa. And, this Visa will remain valid constantly for 28 days. But, you will also get an extension of your BVA. And, you will get this privilege if you have appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for your current Visa.


Bridging Visa B subclass 020: The bridging visa allows the holder to travel to and from Australia for a specified time-frame. And, the chief reason for this is the travel authority, and travel period it grants. Otherwise, it has the same functions as that of a Bridging Visa A. 


Bridging Visa C subclass 030: This particular bridging visa is meant for all those whose current Visa has already expired. Subsequently, you need to apply for it if you are remaining unlawfully in Australia. Also, this is not granted automatically, but you need to apply voluntarily for the same. 


Bridging (Prospective Applicant) Visa D subclasses 040 and 041: You need to apply for the bridging (prospective applicant) visa if you are about to become unlawful in Australia. As soon as you apply for it, you can apply for a substantive visa within the next five days. 


Bridging Visa E 050 and 051: The need to apply for a bridging visa E occurs when your substantive Visa becomes subject to rejection. Besides, you must apply for the same if this rejection has occurred under section 116. And, section 116 basically falls under the Migration Act 1958. This bridging visa has been designed for all those who are staying illegally in Australia, even after their substantive Visa has expired. However, you can also apply for this bridging visa if you have lodged an application for a protection visa. 


Bridging Visa F subclass 060 (BVF): The Australian immigration department grants the bridging visa F to applicants who have been found guilty of some serious offenses. These include sexual compliance, unlawful recruitment, as well as trafficking. Besides, this bridging visa allows you a validity of 30 days. And, it lets you reside lawfully in Australia till the date of your departure gets confirmed. 

So, after reading about all these six bridging visas, you must have understood one thing. It is that each of them has a specified validity. And, your bridging visa will no longer stay into effect once it expires. 

What to do if my bridging visa expires? 

So, what to do if your bridging visa suddenly expires? Well, that is the time when professional assistance is of utmost importance. And, this is the reason for which you should get in touch with a professional migration lawyer in Perth. These lawyers are knowledgeable enough to show you the right path after the expiry of your bridging visa. Additionally, your lawyer will also tell you that which Visa to apply for if your bridging visa abruptly expires. 

Why choose these lawyers? 

There are various reasons for which clients choose the best migration lawyers in Perth. And, one of the most significant reasons is their provision of high-quality legal services to their clients. Yes, these lawyers resolve any sort of immigration issue of their clients, regardless of its complexity. Especially when it’s a sensitive issue like the expiration of a bridging visa, they will deal with your case extra carefully. Subsequently, based upon the type of your bridging visa, he/she will recommend a suitable visa type. 

Stay lawfully in Australia.

And, after you obtain that Visa from the Department of Home Affairs, you can stay in Australia lawfully. Meanwhile, your lawyer will keep on giving you valuable advice and ideas from time to time. This is to ensure that you stay in Australia legally until the application of your alternative visa gets successfully approved. 

Expect a step by step legal procedure. 

Once you appoint an Immigration Lawyer Perth you can expect a step by step legal procedure from him/her. Once you approach your lawyer, he/she will identify your current legal circumstances first. Eventually, he/she will opt for a compatible bridging visa according to your current visa type. So, if you find that your bridging visa has expired as well, then unhesitatingly contact any of these immigration lawyers. 

How to contact them? 

Well, contacting the choicest immigration lawyers in Perth, Australia, is not a hassle at all. All you have to do is either to call them or email your service request to them. They will revert back to you if they find your immigration issue compatible with their legal services. Accordingly, a competent lawyer will be provided to you according to the severity of your immigration issue. Through their impeccable legal services, your lawyer will resolve your immigration issue to the best of his/her ability. 

Hire a competent lawyer today!

So, is your bridging visa also on the verge of expiring? If yes, then the best Migration Lawyers Perth WA must be the next absolute choice. 

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