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The Kedarkantha trek is outstanding amongst other trekking encounters that you can get on the off chance that you are an admirer of trekking. India has numerous things to offer, beginning from the extraordinary mountains to the remote oceans. You can appreciate a wide range of undertakings amid the excellence of nature in India. Trekking is one of the most intriguing and carefree exercises that can be enjoyed in the mountain ranges. The Kedarkantha locale is all loaded with mountains, so it will be an excellent thought to go for Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand. Beneath all the essential and vital data identified with the Kedarkantha trek is given in extraordinary detail that will assist you with planning your excursion for trekking in the Kedarkantha.

About The Trek

The Kedarkantha trek is a trek of 5 days fundamentally which is loaded with experiences and fun. You will find the opportunity to trek in the snow in the beautiful climate of nature. Trekking isn’t at all a simple activity; however, the trek to Kedarkantha would likewise not be excessively extremely troublesome in contrast with numerous different treks in the Himalayan area.

This excursion is prompted for the individuals who are profoundly keen on trekking in the Himalayan area anyway that can be both the amateurs in the field of trekking or have the experience of trekking before. The experience of the Kedarkantha trek would be unique about numerous different treks that you may have encountered.

Kedarkantha Trek at a Glance:


Moderate to Hard in Winter


5-6 Days, relies upon Agencies


30 KM, Sankri Base Camp to Summit and afterwards back to Sankri Base Camp

Most elevated Altitude

12,500 feet


Min: – 12°C, Max: 5°C

Kedarkantha Trek is a trekker’s joy and freshman’s soul-changing experience because of its relative straightforwardness. Shrouded in shimmering snow during winters, this trek offers a fantastic perspective on the grand Himalayan pinnacles. It likewise gives trekkers a one of a kind chance to encounter life in the remotest of towns in dead winter!

Kedarkantha trek gives you the top-notch magnificence, sublime perspectives on enchanting towns, valleys, snow ways, emotional scene dabbed with beautiful lakes, mountains, peaceful waterways, and the incomparable Himalayan pinnacles. The Kedarkantha trek additionally gives an incredible chance to see the picturesque excellence and feel the experience of the life of remote towns of Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Mountain Ranges

Kedarkantha trek gets you 360-degree perspectives on DhaulaDhar ranges and to a glittering scene of Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch tops. Brahmatal trek spellbinds you with high Himalayan scopes of Mrigthuni, Trishul, Bethartoli, and Nandaghunti on one side and lofty Chaukhamba, Nilkanth, Kamet and Hathi Ghoda on the opposite side.

The man sitting at the ground taking a gander at the perspective on magnificent snow secured Himalayan mountain.

Brahmatal trek gives a front-seat perspective on superb Himalayan pinnacles that ascent over 7,000 meters.

Regular Beauty

Kedarkantha trek trails through lavish green woods, pretty campgrounds, and large mountains that offer an entrancing vista of verdant greens in summer and the flawless frigid scene during winters. This exemplary trek travels through Govind National Park, and you revel in the excellence of a heaping assortment of widely varied vegetation. Small hutments on mountain inclines paint a beautiful setting of this whole trek.

Wooden scaffold covered with snow over a stream encompassed by trees sturdy enroute Kedar Kantha

The trek to Brahmatal captivates you with clear purplish blue skies, endless edges, numerous knolls called “bugyals” in the neighbourhood dialect, monster mountain tops, picturesque sides, falling cascades, and high height lakes. The trek through high burials and woodlands of fir, oak and rhododendron entrances you with a scene which is one of a kind to each season. Summers offer a region of verdant greens while the snow-floated trees and immense stretches of snow during winters compliment you with a cold mood.

Elevated bugyal with conspicuous far off mountain top under the reasonable blue sky Enroute brahmatal

Neighbourhood Villages

While on Kedarkantha trek, you investigate little nearby towns; some overflowing with action though others covered in clumsy isolation and quiet quietness.

Snow secured sankri town with a haze covering the far off the mountain top.

Experience the excellence of Kedarkantha the most looked for after snow trekking goal. The magnificence of this trek is terrific with sees that are happy to observe. This trek likewise offers a chance to encounter the remote towns of Garhwal Himalayas and increase understanding of their way of life and culture. The excursion starts with a beautiful drive from Dehradun to the remote village of Sankri. This valley plays host to probably the most famous and captivating treks in the Indian Himalayas like Har-ki-Dun, Ruinsara Tal, Rupin Pass, Black pinnacle and so on.

The trek begins with a slow move to the base camp (2800m).

Enjoy a variety of experience exercises like tree jumping; valley navigates, snow tubing and skiing here. Submerge yourself in the natural bounties encompassing you. The hold up is finished, from the base camp the following day we trek to Kedarkantha summit. The trail is troublesome because you need to stroll on the day off. Be that as it may, the delight of walking on snow is odd. At the summit, you will be rewarded with stunning perspectives on Yumnotri and Gangotri reaches and of Kinner Kailash run and different ranges in Himachal. The following day we leave for Sankri using delightful water lake called Juda-ka-Talab, we proceed with our trail to Sankri and camp here for the evening.

The following day, withdraw from Sankri taking interminable recollections alongside you.

To appreciate the captivating trekking experience of the Kedarkantha winter trek, you first need to arrive at the little village of Sankri in the Uttarkashi region in Uttarakhand. Sankri is effectively open from Dehradun, the state capital. During your voyage from Dehradun to Sankri, you’ll desert the grand part of Mussoorie, Naugaon, Mori, and Natwar. Once you reach Sankri, remember to get acclimatized with the air of this territory. The temperature here, for the most part, dips under the point of solidification, particularly during winter evenings.

Go delayed as you start your stroll from Sankri towards Saur town. As you go further though, you arrive at the Jadu-ka-Talab, a little lake that stops during winters. After you cross the Shepherd Camp, you’ll find yourself travelling through lavish snowfields. The trek from base camp to Kedarkantha summit is the debilitating one, requesting elevated levels of vitality and the soul to rise. Yet, as you reach the summit of superb Kedarkantha, you overlook all your weaknesses and start getting a charge out of the fantastic perspectives on the Gangotri, Yamunotri, and other Himalayan peaks. The summit additionally causes you to accept that you can contact the sky with your hands. In the wake of overcoming the mountain, you start your arrival trip; you can without much of a stretch arrive at the Goregaon camp before night. The following day, you trek back to Sankri while going through productive pine timberlands.

Best time to Trek to Kedarkantha Peak

Regardless of whether it’s mid-year or winter, one can trek Kedarkantha Peak whenever of the year. In summers, the trek which is loaded up with the lively fauna, green valleys, and vibrant emerald scene consistently revive the trekkers’ spirit. Be that as it may, in winters, one can encounter the fantastic vistas of the fantastic Himalayan pinnacles and remotest towns, which are covered with a day off.

Because of unforgiving climatic conditions in the high heights, it is indispensable for the trekkers to design the trekking undertaking cautiously. In this way, one is required to pick the perfect time thinking about acclimatization as they need before heading for the trek. The best time to climb Kedarkantha Peak is either from April to June or September to December.

From April to June, the temperature shifts from 3°C to 8°C in daytime and – 5°C to – 1°C around evening time.

From September to December, the temperature shifts from – 4°C to 6°C in daytime and – 8°C to – 3°C around evening time.

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