Looking for ideas for your child’s birthday? So look at our list

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The birthday of our children are always special moments. It is the life of the child that is being celebrated, so it is worth dedicating yourself to preparing a beautiful celebration, including children’s party decorations and lots of delicious food.

If your child lives far from you then you can send him/her birthday greeting card, Happy Birthday Wishes or Happy Birthday Images.

To help you in the difficult task of decorating children’s parties, whose themes are almost infinite.

  1. Football party or other sport

There are many boys and girls who love football in Brazil, but this idea can also be adapted to another sport that your child likes. The cool thing is that the theme can even influence the choice of menu. At a football party, for example, it is worth betting on so-called stadium foods.  To check out all the tips, click here.

2. “Beauty and the Beast” party

Beauty is one of the most beloved Disney princesses, and, especially after the live action movie in history, with actress Emma Watson as the main character, many girls asked for the theme at their parties. In this children’s party decoration, the red rose is not to be missed, as well as important characters such as Lumière, Cogsworth (the watch), Mrs. Potts and, of course, the little Chip.  To get inspired, see our tips by clicking here.

3. Fruit party

Parents or guardians do not need to think only of characters when making the decoration of children’s parties. You can also think about other things the child likes, like food. In this case, fruit or a specific fruit.

In this party, the idea is that everything, from the decoration to the food and drink that will be served, remember the fruit that the little one loves so much. The result could not be other than a very colorful party. And anyone who thinks that cake can’t be fun with such a theme is wrong.  See how beautiful these ideas are, just click.

4. Deep sea party

The bottom of the sea or a beach can also be an inspiration for your child’s birthday, if he or she likes it, of course. And this single theme makes room for different ideas. You can, for example, focus on marine animals when decorating. But at the same time, you can have a party full of mermaids or focus on the beach. And, just like at the fruit party, the result is super colorful. 

5. Emoji party

With the interest of children in technology, even emojis, those drawings that represent emotions and are widely used in social networks, can serve as inspiration for a children’s party decoration. It was the case of the birthday of the daughters of presenter Daniela Albuquerque, as you can see by clicking here .

When making an emoji party it is important to keep in mind that, however much you choose any other color to be the main one in the decoration, you will necessarily have to work with the yellow color. Therefore, it is necessary to choose shades that match yellow to not lose harmony.

6. Justice League party

Geek culture is more than present in our society. Today, it is not a shame to call yourself a “nerd”, and the different hero films that open in theaters every year even influence children’s party decorations.

The Justice League, for example, which is a group of DC Comics heroes, is a great theme for both boys and girls, as you can see here . In the league are present Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman, whose stories for decades delight not only children, but parents as well.

7. Feast of holidays

Whoever was born in April knows that commemorative dates can also serve as inspiration for children’s parties. A good example of this is Easter, as you can see in this article here . Besides the decoration being cute, great for small children, it is possible to have a super “chocolatuda” party. The celebration can even be a post-Sunday lunch with the family, you need to celebrate the date.

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