Masters Programs at De Montfort University for 2020 Intake

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De Montfort University is one of the most famous public university in England. It was founded in 1992 and is located in Leicester. Due to its high quality of education and diversity in offered programs, it is quite popular among international students, specifically South Asian students.

The university is aware of the value of time for the students, who are at the edge of enrolling in their degree programs and becoming part of the workforce. Therefore, challenging all the odd situations, it has announced the admissions for 2020 intake. It is a significant opportunity for international students to become part of one of the most prestigious institutes of the region.

This article aims to discuss some popular master’s degree programs at De Montfort University for the 2020 intake.

Top 6 Master Study Programs at DMU for International Students

Masters programs help the students better understand the philosophies and theories of the courses. This learning further helps them to understand the practical standing of the subject and utilize it in their work environment. Therefore, completing master education is necessary to develop detailed knowledge and skill set.

The following are the top master study programs at De Montfort University for international students.

1.   Architecture and Sustainability

Architecture and sustainability will always be one of the most popular study programs. De Montfort University is also offering admission at the masters’ level in the program. The students will be able to learn sustainable outcomes, skills, and research themes.

They will also be able to equip, train, and inspire their ideology and make use of Industry placement opportunities. Students eager to secure their admission often acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan and become a proud part of the institute.

2.   Air Transport Management

Air transport management is becoming quite a popular business subject in this modern era. The world countries are now engaging in imports and exports on a large scale. Learning to manage air transport will only increase the opportunities for progress and make the process smooth and steady.

Students enrolling in the master’s program of air transport management at De Montfort University will be able to develop their skills in Air Transport Economics, Airline Marketing, and Operations, Airline Business Strategy, and Airport Management.

3.   Information Systems Management

Information system management is also one of the most popular computing programs of this decade. More and more students are interested in developing their knowledge and skills so that they can contribute to the development of their countries.

Students enrolling in the program will be able to learn about Database Systems and Design, Computer Systems and Networks, Research Methods, Professionalism and Ethics, Human Factors in Systems Design and E-Commerce Systems.

4.   Energy and Sustainable Development

Energy and sustainable development are one of the greatest concerns of the developing countries like Pakistan. They hugely rely on their youth and encourage it to study such programs, develop their expertise, and contribute to change the fate of the country.

De Montfort University is offering a master’s degree in the program. The course highlights include learning about Energy Analysis Techniques, Resource-Efficient Design, Low-Impact Manufacturing, and Leading Change for Sustainability and Engineering Business Environment.

5.   Investigative Journalism

Media holds great power in this technologically advanced era. People are quite quick to believe each and everything communicated by the media channels. It only puts more pressure and responsibility on them to share the truth with the public.

Investigative journalism is an important master study program offered by De Montfort University. The main courses of the program include Skills and Theories, Global Perspectives, and philosophies, which can help the aspiring students to learn about their responsibility as well as the ways to fulfill it while keeping the trust of the public their highest priority.

6.   Youth and Community Development Studies

Youth is the greatest asset of the developing countries like Pakistan. Therefore, it is essential to watch them closely without burdening them and provide them counseling so they can lead the progress. Youth and community development studies offered by DMU is a significant opportunity to learn more and develop the skills.

Theory and Practice of Youth Work, Issues of Health and Well-being, Mental Health, Global Issues in Youth and Community Development, Managing Race and Diversity, Anti-oppressive Practice are the major highlights of the program. You can also acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan and secure your admission if you are interested in the program.

Join De Montfort University for a bright future!

De Montfort University offers research-based education to its students and a lot of opportunities for gaining practical experience and skills. The university also offers scholarships to international students for a variety of study programs.

So, do not waste anymore of your time and select the right course program according to your interest. Do not hesitate to acquire the help of professional consultants to better understand the admission requirements and meet them to become a part of the institute.

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