Latest Trend Shaping Features for Mobile App Development

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Statista reports that mobile apps are expected to produce $189 Billion US dollars in revenue by 2020. The expectations from mobile app development revenue are much higher than ever, and thus mobile app developers need to be competitive and quicker to embrace the latest technology.

Only by staying attentive and vigilant about the latest technologies, mobile app developers can take the edge among the intense competition in the market.

Therefore, your approach should be limited to deploying the right strategy, but you should also be mindful of incorporating the latest technology trends in the industry.

If you are a developer or own a business that keeps a mobile app, you must stay on point and update with the trending mobile app development trends. Also, companies that do not embrace the latest technologies left behind in the competition.

Blockbuster and Kodak are famous examples of successful companies that did not come up with the latest trends and were kept beside customers. By not implementing the latest trends into the app, it might become obsolete and outdated.

The blog involves trend shaping features that have the potential to change the mobile app development track.

Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is an emerging technology that has been used around for quite sometimes but grew fame with the arrival of wearable devices and smart home systems.

With an increased number of people using smart home appliances and wearable devices, the need for IoT-based mobile apps has also increased. An IoT mobile app controls and monitors connected devices.

The mobile apps for connected devices do much more than controlling the methods only. It reads the data from the sensors and examines this data to create useful reports and information.

IoT apps are connected to smart home appliances that contribute to reducing energy consumption.

Besides personal applications, IoT used mobile apps are also used for enterprise and industry management. It controls various aspects of production and logistics, manufacturing unit, self-driving cars, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It should not be a surprise that artificial intelligence and machine language are two of the most quickly emerging technologies. These technology trends are expected to make a lot of difference in the upcoming future of mobile apps. AI and ML are the most relevant and versatile technologies of modern times.

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These two technologies are the driving forces behind chatbots, recommendation engines, facial detection, motion detection, text prediction, speech recognition, financial forecasting, and many others.

As technology becomes prevalent, the ease with which it can be integrated into mobile apps is likely to increase. IT, finance, marketing, and customer service are sectors where these technologies are most commonly used to reach new levels of success.

Instant Apps

The future of mobile app lies in quicker, efficient, and feature-rich apps that takes no time to load, and occupy less memory.

Instant apps do all of this and are feature-rich. Instant mobile apps can be accessed just by touching. It doesn’t require users to download a complete installation package. The app is developed in modules that can be downloaded and accomplished via the link. You will be able to use the app all by following a link.

When you and click on the app link, you only need to wait till that module gets downloaded instead of waiting for the whole app to download.

Many users hesitate to download large apps due to a lack of storage space in their smartphones. By offering the app in modules, you can ensure that your product can be accessed and used by more people. New York Times Crossword is a simplified example of instant apps. 

The best thing about instant apps is that it doesn’t require to rebuild an existing app build scratch. All that a mobile app developer needs to do is to modularize the current code. This way, the app can serve as an instant app.

Blockchain Technology

mobile wallets and currency converters in mobile apps can commonly be seen using in Blockchain technology. It is also used to track digital assets, keep track of loyalty programs and rewards, secure digital identity, cloud storage, proof of ownership in the supply chain, and other sectors.

In the latest smart contracts with Blockchain, there are unlimited possibilities. The security provided by intelligent contracts enables you to use it for a multitude of options, like renting various items and issuing loans.

Blockchain technology involves a lot of possibilities and opportunities. However, combining it with other latest mobile app trends like IoT and the Internet of Things, can bring amazing results and deliver a powerful tool.

Apps created using a combination of two or more latest trends will be secure, fast, and cost-efficient option in the upcoming future.

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