Neon Effects On Packaging Make Them More Attractive

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The product packaging is one of the industries that are flourishing day by day. Every year you come to know about new tech gigs in this second. The growth is not a matter of years; it is a matter of months. You have seen similar items in different types of packaging. Why is it so? It is because the product boxes for special events are exclusive. It is to attract customers toward your products.

Despite uncertain conditions, because of COVID19, the cardboard packaging boxes wholesale companies never stop them from surprising their customers. They have come up with innovative designs and unique trends.

2020 is considered as an excellent year for the packaging industry. Now designers’ primary purpose is not only to function in fact but also to aesthetics. They have their boundaries to welcomes new trends in this sector. Exciting illustration, innovative patterns in hues, and much more are enough to break the stereotype about the carton boxes.

Not only 2020, but 2021 is always poised to amaze the clients with attractive and unique designs. You must have seen the grading effect on the custom printed box, and it has become the trend, but there is much more than that. The neon effect on the boxes is the game-changer for the packing sector. There was a time when neon is not a welcoming color. But now the people are open to the change. Many brands are using these on the marketing boxes packaging. So here is the most attractive neon effect on the boxes that might make you think about these items.

Neon Kitchenware Product Boxes

There was a time when neon is only restricted to the night and disco clubs. Form watches to jewelry, you can see them. But have you ever thought about the NEON kitchenware? This trend has hit every sector of life. The glow in the darkness and the neon product has changed the perspective about the kitchenware. Who likes the boring and traditional colors for the kitchen accessories? So these Neo colors add life to the conventional kitchen. But it does not end here. The brands also come up with new packaging. They design product boxes in old neon’ signs. The black colors the NEON in Neon is perfect for grasping the attention of the customers. To brighten up the packaging, add these colorful and brightening effects of the packaging.

Neon Champaign Packaging

Who says black and red with golden Hues are for champagne. Tesraine has experience with the neon colors and comes up with some innovative and colorful approach. Are you unable to find the bottle of the campaign in the party light? With this neon effect, the campaign customized cardboard boxes are easy to find.

 Look at the packaging of the wine bottle. It consists of pure cardboard material, but what makes it different from others is the printing. This custom printed box with golden embosses and the neon print of the bottle looks mesmerizing. In the dark, it looks like some fancy bootleg of neon is there for you. Are you looking for these types of packaging? Then cardboard packaging boxes wholesale companies are there to design product boxes. It is a new trend in printing technology.

Energy Drink. Six Pack

People associate colors with emotions. It is the perfect medium to represent emotions. The packaging companies are taking full advantage of color psychology. When you look at the neon colors, what do you feel? The power, energy, and boldness are three terms that go perfectly with neon colors.

When there is energy, then how can you forget about the neon’s print on the packaging? Look at the carton boxes of energy drinks. The neon prints on the black background is enough to tell the story of the products. It is power; it is energy.

The green colors giving the illusion of lighting, and It is the perfect illustration to make you believe that this drink will charge up like neon colors.  The best thing about these neon packaging boxes for the energy drink is that it can work as customized shipping boxes. So, neon is not only for the packaging, but it is also best for the retail boxes.

NEON and Beauty Tools

The neon trend is hitting all the industry.  Why make the life of teenagers boring with black or white hair straighteners. Its time to spark up their life with neon straighteners, from its packaging to the product, everything is so attractive and fantastic. Look at the product packaging of the straightener that how these neon images of these hair tools complement the black background.

More to Come

Neon has brought considerable change in the packaging industry. It allows you to play with colors and target potential customers. So product packaging is more than a bunch of colors.

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