Newborn Sleep Patterns: A Survival Guide For The Science-Minded Parent

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As you know, the world of newborn babies is exotic, strange, and can be fussier for a new parent. The newborns sleep 16 to 18 hours a day and on the other hours they just eat and poop. They can awake at any time of the day and can stretch their sleeping time up to 4 hours max. This can be very challenging for a new parent. If you could cop up with the sleep rhythm of your child, you can easily understand the science of sleep and will avoid mistakes that can develop your child’s mature sleep rhythms.

In this article, you will understand the science of sleep from the angle of your newborn. You will understand the sleep cycle of your baby and how to cope with it. This article will also advise you to improve your own sleep and tips for preventing the newborn from waking up as you will learn the newborn sleep schedule.

Newborn sleep patterns:

1. Newborns never sleep for long:

As you know, newborns have a sleeping stretch of 4 hours max. They sleep in bits and pieces and will wake up at random times of the day and night.

2. Newborns awaken easily:

Newborns are half asleep and can wake up quickly. A large portion of their sleep is considered in an active sleep state as it can identify by their fluttering eyelids, rapid and irregular breathing, occasional body movements, and vocalization that can refer to grunts or brief cries. 

3. Newborns sleep time can vary widely:

Sleep time of a newborn can change by the time rapid change. In the first few weeks, the newborn sleep time is 16 to 18 hours. After four weeks of the pass, the average sleeping time for an infant decreases to 14 hours. But the range can be change as some of the four weeks newborns can sleep up to 9 hours from 24 hours only, and many of them can sleep up to 19 hours as well. 

4. If your baby does not fit the typical profile, does that mean something is wrong?

If your baby does not fit the typical profile, you do not have to worry because babies have medical issues as well. If you have any concerns regarding the sleeping of your child, you should consult with your medical provider. But it is possible that a newborn baby who is healthy and well can change several hours from the average sleeping time.

5. Newborn sleep rhythms

The sleeping process works better at night and can cause some psychological disruption in some moments of the 24-hour cycle. Many changes can seem to come from the exposure of light. As some say, the exposure of light makes you more alert than the night light, which means if you sleep at daylight, you can wake up instantly; meanwhile, at night, there can be some chances of waking up. If you see for yourself, you would have experienced this feeling on your own self as well. As the night light arrives, the mental part of the brain starts to shut down and want to sleep immediately. 


We hope that you understood the survival guide that is considered for the science-minded parents. As we would like to tell you that if you have any kind of queries regarding this article you can ask them by commenting in our comment section, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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