7 coolest ways you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2020

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Raksha Bandhan is almost here, you better think of some different way this year to celebrate this festival of love, care, and happiness. And what could be more pleasing than celebrating the traditional Indian festival like Rakhi with a new modern twist in gifting?

Isn’t it? So, get ready to give your brother the surprise of his life as you choose to surprise him by making this year’s Raksha Bandhan celebrations – hip and happening to the core. Take cues from below and spread the love!

A Scrapbook Full Of Childhood Memories 

This Raksha Bandhan, don’t just pamper your brother with a stunning Rakhi piece that you can get delivered with some online rakhi delivery option. Instead, think something different, think something thoughtful yet out of the box to pamper him.

Get all those photo albums that are probably lying in your storeroom and make a scrapbook full of childhood memories. Memories and a book full of memorabilia are what make a great thoughtful gift for this Rakhi.

Get Your Love Personalised 

Gifting a regular mug, cushion, night lamp, or even a rakhi seems like just a rakhi gift.

To add a cool quotient to it, you can get any of these gift items personalized, which will reflect your love for your brother with a loving picture or quote, making it one of the coolest ways to celebrate this year’s Rakhi. 

Write A Letter 

Chuck out materialistic rakhi gifts this year and treat him with your words.

Say it all this Rakhi what your brother means to you and let him know how much you love or miss him (if he is not with you this Rakhi due to some unavoidable circumstances) Your words in the form of a heartfelt letter can create a kind of magic which surely money can’t buy. 

An Appreciation Post Over Social Media 

 It gets straightforward to flaunt your love over there. And whoever said flaunting is next to faking one’s love didn’t probably think of going that extra mile in someone’s love for sure.

So, this Raksha Bandhan writes your heart out in the form of an appreciation post to appreciate or to show gratitude to your loving brother along with a cutesy photograph of you both.  

Recreate A Childhood Picture 

Every Indian festival allows us to bond by clicking some pictures and making every moment picture-perfect. Raksha Bandhan is no different.

Bring back those old gold days as you recreate a fond memory of you both after 10-15 years. It is no doubt a cool yet a very touching way to celebrate this Rakshi love over.  

A Weekend Getaway 

Taking a trip together with siblings has been said to result in lots of fun moments.

So, pack your bags as you take your brother along with you to some cool place for the rakhi weekend. It will rejuvenate and help you both to the bond well, which will surely be the best gift a sibling can give to the other sibling. 

Plan A Movie Marathon 

One, two, and three fasten your seat belts, and your brother starts to binge-watch all your favorite shows, movies, and web series.

After celebrating the Rakhi, the traditional way, you both can take some time off and plan a movie marathon to watch all your favorite shows together, one after the other. Trust us, and this is probably the most relaxed way to celebrate Rakhi 2020 over.

These were a few handpicked gift ideas that will surely help you calmly celebrate this Rakhi 2020. Cool enough to be remembered for the rest of his life. 

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