6 ways to make your Son 1st birthday special

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It seems like he was born yesterday, and you are already celebrating your kid’s first birthday. Time flies! Now that your baby has turned one concentrate on what your baby would enjoy most and how you can create fantastic first birthday memories. 

To help you with that, we have listed six ways to make your son’s 1st birthday unique and memorable. Read on! Who knows you might get idea from one of these

Write a letter to the baby

You have a lot to say to Baby, but they are still young enough to understand the fullness of your love. Put it all in a letter that they can open when they grow up, perhaps when they are 10 or 18 years old. To make it extra special, put a picture in the envelope that Baby may have never seen before. In fact, why not start a new tradition every year and write a letter?

Arrange a special photo session

Everyone likes a good photo. Your baby may not like it now and then, but while browsing through the family album when they will grow old, will make them happy. It is all about memories, and your child will not be a child for long. It is fun to keep such clear pictures with you for the future.

Birthday Cake

It cannot be just any cake. Make sure the cake is unique – it can either be around a cartoon character your child likes, a picture of your memories in the world starting with his first month — a cake or something that is the essence of his or her big day.

You will find a wide variety of cakes online, browse any reputed online bakery and get online Cake delivery in Hyderabad, Bangalore, or any other city you reside in.

Room Decoration

You can decorate the room with a big happy birthday board or alphabets like balloons. You can also use lots of aircraft on the roof and even on the floor. Also, some of the pictures can be used for decoration by pasting it on the walls which would look beautiful, and the kids would love it.

Musical Theme party

You can go to a musical theme party to make your kids’ 1st birthday special. Arrange a unique amphitheatre or a room where you can play kindergarten rhymes. Also, you can sing for them if you like to, that would be the highlight of the party.

A magic Show

You can book any magician and ask him to do an act for about 30 mins or 1 hour. The kids love to see magic, and it would also be a cherishable moment for other people. You can video-graph all the show and show it to the child when he is older enough. The child would love that.

So, these were some ways with which you can make your child’s first birthday special. Go ahead and start preparing. Happy first birthday to your son! Good luck!

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