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The weather is difficult to predict, and the choice of clothing is difficult. Some days are warm, others cold or rainy. Sometimes you have a morning, it feels like summer is over, but a few hours later, a thunderstorm breaks out.

The perfect everyday jacket: French Chore Jacket

Because of their timeless design and practicality, the French chore custom leather jacket has recently become the staple of men’s robes. The most classic colour for these jackets in Blue. These blue jackets originate from France in the 19th century and are part of the daily uniforms of workers who are artisans, factory and rail workers and farmers. Thanks to the now legendary street photographer Bill Cunningham, the popularity of these jackets has greatly increased in recent years. The colour/ Indigo is a classic choice. But if you want to avoid the look of the “working class”, do not be afraid to opt for black or olive. Cotton twill or cotton moleskin is traditionally the first choice. Different jackets are usually worn over your normal clothing to protect them. Newer brands often try to make this jacket with a waterproof technical fabric, or use materials such as cashmere wool to make them more luxurious. These jackets are usually unlined because they are multi-layered. Three patch pockets with one chest and two large pockets at the bottom. Some jackets also have extra pockets on the inside or smaller pockets on the larger front. The perfect transition jacket between summer and autumn, perfect for buttons and T-shirts in spring and early summer. 

Fit: You want the jacket to fit lightly so you can wear a thin sweater underneath. If you can stack thick knitwear, this is too big.

If you live in a relatively warm climate: The fabric is lighter, and the cut is slimmer, as you will most likely be able to wear it only with a T-shirt or buttons. 

Colour Choice: Traditional Blue may feel like “workwear,” with black or olive being a good choice if you can. 

Bomber Jacket

The bomber custom leather jacket is very good for a relaxing day to keep you comfortable while improving your style. The Bombay Jacket invented the first fighters to keep warm during 1940. When World War II needed a high-level protection leather jacket in the global war, the leather bomber jacket was introduced. The custom leather jacket was made from wool and nylon to protect pilots from the rain.

Smooth and body-free: The bomber was originally designed to keep military pilots warm (hence the name Bomber). They cannot be as high as 20,000 feet in the icy sky. Keep it supple and look for a light, padded jacket. 

Ribbed collar and cuffs are classic details: Sometimes you’ll find bombers with button cuffs, but for a real bomber look you need ribs. High-quality ribs should be tightened and spring back when pulled apart. Fluffy or fragile ribs lose their shape over time. Therefore, lightly pull on the ribs for testing. 

Zipper fronts are common: Although some jackets have buttons on the front. 

Slanted diagonal pockets are classic details: Some pockets have zippers, some pockets have button flaps and some pockets have diagonal pockets. 

The zippered shoulder bag is a detail of the original military design. Some brands keep this detail while others try to minimize it. Satin nylon is a classic fabric, but it is not uncommon for bombers to be made of frosted cotton or wool. Most bombers that you pick up in the fall are placed in a row that provides good insulation and allows you to extend to spring. Although these bombers are insulated during the summer months, they are not suitable for carrying. When spring comes, take a more suitable single-row bomber. If this is your first bomber or if you want to do something on the versatile/timeless side, wear classic neutral cotton or satin jacket. Black, Navy or Olive will be the most versatile. 

Colour: brown, burgundy, forest green 

Slim body, front pocket with zipper, non-sealed, bevelled pocket (no zipper or button), luxurious fabrics like corduroy, velvet or suede.


Peacoats have fallen out of favour with things like bomber jackets, but this is eternal for a reason.

A versatile piece that’s perfect for your favourite fall/winter jacket.

• Double-breasted for extra protection against the cold and wind.

• Ulster collars are often folded up and can be buttoned to protect the elements.

• The modern version of the jacket fits better than the real original Navy Pea Coat. So remember, if you shop in the remaining shops in the army.

• Two rows of buttons made of metal such as brass or plastic, usually with printed anchors

Side pockets.

• The lining is often sewn by Quil

• Heavy Melton wool is a traditional fabric, but modern luxury brands sometimes make pea coats made of fabrics such as cashmere or cashmere blends. The won softness loses in durability.

The weight of the jacket as well as the fur collar and lining make the jacket warm and cannot be worn during the warmer months.

Leather Applique Jacket

Cotton, linen, and silk are standard on every summery wardrobe. Put on a day – but that does not mean that you should completely ignore these parts. Do not just think about the heavyweight that hides you in the winter. The leather of an easy strain has become an important trend for the spring. Certain parts always want a place in your outfit rotation, no matter what season. A simple leather jacket is indispensable. An elegant blazer style can be worn separately, while a classic motorcycle is perfect when you wear a light shirt or panties. Look for leather in summer-friendly shapes next to these seasonal braces. In other words, less coverage and lighter colours. The latest collections include sleeveless and short-sleeved tops and dresses, as well as leg-free miniskirts and pants for a light and comfortable feel. Sunny lights and soft pastel tones are effective because they do not absorb heat like classic black.


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