The Making – What Are Eyeglasses Made of?

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Curious to know what are eyeglasses made of? Yes, that’s what we are going to delve into this article. We’ll discuss the different types of materials used in making eyeglass frames. 

What are eyeglasses made of?

Companies like Specscart have a unique team of in-house designers and technicians that make eyeglasses for you. 

They use materials like Metal, Acetate, and Wood (yes, wood) to make your eyeglass frames in a variety of styles that you can flaunt your persona with.

Let’s get to know these high-grade materials one by one.

  1. Acetate 

As you might have guessed already, acetate is a form of plastic. But, it’s not the same old plastic of old times that you can think of. The plastic used in the past was quite heavy and not durable.

However, acetate used in Specscart’s frames is of the top-notch quality and made with a renewable material like plant cellulose. This factor makes them eco-friendly while it serves you with the following benefits as well.

Acetate frames are lightweight and robust. When we say lightweight, it is to drive your attention to the fact that they are incredibly comfortable to wear even for prolonged use. And do not spell any trouble for you in the form of eye strains for headaches that’s common with heavy frames. 

Their appeal is another factor that makes acetate frames stand out as the ideal choice. It was common to find fading colors and ripping off material with old plastic. But with acetate, you can be sure to have an utterly flattering pair with colors that don’t fade with age. 

2. Metal 

Most metal frames do not get affected by wear and tear even after prolonged usage and adverse weather conditions. That’s what makes them unique. 

Available in different types like titanium, stainless steel, flexon, and beryllium, metal frames are lightweight and durable. Their strength helps them stand apart.

By using such words, we mean that they don’t break very quickly and can hold even thick lenses. This fact is precisely what the company checks with replacement glasses

As a service, Specscart helps by reglazing old glasses. They add new lenses of supreme quality with the added protection to your old glasses when you send the pair to them. But before putting the new lenses, they check if the old frames are strong enough to hold these lenses and only then reglaze them.

Also, metal is quite inexpensive and, thus, is the ideal choice for many people who love donning eyeglasses as a fast-fashion accessory.

Additionally, titanium, the material that’s used in most metal frames at Specscart, is hypoallergenic. This means you never have to worry about allergic reactions on your nose, eyes, or ears. 

And because of its cosmopolitan appeal, metal makes designer glasses that you can’t deny loving. 

3. Wood

Like metal and acetate, Specscart makes sure that its wood frames are also lightweight to ensure comfort. Moreover, wood is also a hypoallergenic material that takes care of your skin, eyes, ears, and nose while sitting on your face.

Apart from this care and quality, wood frames promise their love to mother nature, thanks to their eco-friendly character. 

On top of that, they make an incredibly stylish pair of glasses and help you portray your love for the environment.

Their unique characteristic is the different types of wood that can be used. Some examples have a differentiating scent to them, which is something you cannot expect from any other material.

Now you know what eyeglasses are made of. We suggest you get yourself a pair soon. Why do we say so?

Because your eyes deserve some style and care. Living in the digital era, our eyes are always under the threat of blue light from screens that damage the eyes.

It can lead to insomnia and raise chances of depression, obesity, and diabetes as well. So, use blue blocker glasses made in long-lasting materials like metal, acetate, or wood and bless your eyes.

Go, choose your favorite frames in the preferred material at Specscart today! 

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