The Most Popular Landscapes Made By Claude Monet

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Man of the Sun.

Claude Monet often called the «man of the sun.» It is due to the bright light, which filled with most of his fascinating landscapes. These are famous «Jugs,» poppy fields (Poppy Fields near Argenteuil), tulip fields ( Tulip fields with Rijnsburg mill ), parliament building («Houses of Parliament, sunset,» «Parliament building, sunset»). They are the most expensive and most known paintings. Monet remembered in world history, primarily as a revolutionary in art. 

Claude Monet was the first who developed new painting techniques; the first who used the new color scale theory, the first who depicted an object several times under different lighting and weather conditions.

Monet has left in his heritage both bright colors of spring and summer (he liked to paint flowering gardens and sailboats on water «Trees in color,» «Boats in port Onflera,» as well as unforgettable winter landscapes. Mone was able to paint snow so that it is impossible to remain indifferent to winter, for example, «Magpie.»

He painted many landscapes dedicated to the small town of Argenteus and its surroundings, where Monet lived for several years.  Monet liked to write episodes showing how the same place could vary depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

Countless times Monet drew Giverny, where he lived for 43 years. Haystack «The Young Ladies of Giverny, Sun Effect», poplar, water lilies, shores of the Seine.

The use of the variability of light, the variety of atmospheric phenomena, and changes in nature at different times of the year brought to Mone world fame and prosperity by the 1890 year. The landscapes of Claude Monet will give you real pleasure. If you do not have enough money to buy high-quality reproduction, then buy print on canvas, fresh colors forever, and good quality guaranteed. 

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